OTS: Xiao He, MC Dawei, Hong Qile, DJ Strausss (DDC 22.12.2015)


DDC’s has been secretly getting its freak on as of late and I’m loving every second of it. It’s not often you stumble into a venue Tuesday night to have your brain smashed to pieces but that’s exactly what happened when I stopped by the joint for a peek. The special occasion was the release of a book from local author and illustrator Xiong Liang whose book Searching for the Darkness is definitely worth checking out. And based on the event, she has a swell group of friends as the night turned out to host an eclectic lineup of some of the experimental, avant-grade, and underground scene’s most talked about performers including Xiao He, who joined a cast of characters for a sublime jam session (I’ve never seen so many girls rush to the front of a stage before), MC Dawei, fresh off the release of his stellar debut album, Hong Qile, whose anime glitch-filled visual-audio set had me in awe, and DJ Strausss, who essentially is the madhatter doppelganger of Girltalk.

Great sets, great vibes, and another off-weekend success from DDC. More pics and vids below.





























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