LBM Offline: Winter Pitch Fest (DDC 23.01.2015)


In the thick of winter, Live Beijing Music and DDC look to heat up the place with an evening of lush, full-bodied tunes to warm up those blood vessels. Speaking of which, we’ve curated a fresh lineup of up and comers ready to make their mark on 2016 who’ll join seminal Modern Sky post electro rock groovers Glow Curve, who continue pushing their expansive melodic brand of rock and roll in unknown and exciting territories. Also on hand: Miao, a grunge rock outfit outfit with the soul of folk in them. LBM also hosts its first band out of Tianjin – the rich and melodically pleasing The 16th Floor, a post rock trio whose demos on douban will hook you in and leave you wanting more. Social Boar is the newest outfit to emerge from the ashes of Mammals and Fake Weed, two bands that made incredible strides in 2015 only to perish due to members jumping ship and fighting crime elsewhere – Social Boar continues in those bands’ traditions of stoner faced math rock who throw time signatures around with reckless abandon. And last but not least, Macondo, a instrumental post rock outfit, fond for interlacing metal and rock sprinkled with a little psychedelia on top, will be on hand. It’s a hefty lineup, full of passionate musicians ready to ease you through the cold night and bring us one day closer to spring! Expect other goodies including food, snacks, and a live streaming of Live Beijing Music’s top songs of the past year.


What: Winter Pitch Fest

When: Saturday, January 23rd 6pm-12pm

Where: DDC (14 Shanlao Hutong)


Glow Curve


The 16th Floor


Social Boar

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