New Releases: Penicillin, Guo Xing, Djang San, Long Haul


Passport back in route baby! My identity is in your hands DHL – don’t let me down. No point is getting my panties in a bunch (yet) so let’s stumble through some of the releases to hit the shelves this past week including the latest from Britpop rockers Penicillin, mad hatter multi-instrumentalist Djang San, Nanchang folk singer-songwriter Guo Xing, and high kicking hard rockers Long Haul. Check it out below.


That’s a teaser from melodic Britpop outfit Penicillin’s debut EP which saw it’s official release last weekend – the group has been kicking it for some time, gathering quite the fanbase, made up mostly of young cracking university students. It’s easy to see why – their brand of melodic indie pop hits that sweet spot of melancholic Britpop which seems to be all the rage nowadays. So while their debut relies too heavily on sap and angst, especially when compared to their more energetic live performances, I’m sure it’ll have the girls swooning in delight. Give it a listen over on their douban page and give purchase it over at Indie Music.


Another debut, this time round from Nanchang folk artist Guo Xing, whose looking to join the ranks of other acclaimed folk singers with Little Things, a pristine assortment of tunes which captures a lot of what makes folk some universal – gentle yet effective acostuics, soft-spoken vocals that reach deep, and songs relective of just about everything. It’s no game changing, but Guo Xing’s got a voice that sticks, and that’s half the battle in folk. Give the debut a listen over at xiami and purchase it over at Indie Music.

Here’s something that’ll surely plaster a smile across your face – French renegade folk, rock, electro connoisseur Djang San has released a charming digital album full of jazzy covers entitled Just a little bit of Jazz which you can grab over at bandcamp. The four-track collection also includes a original composition by the man called ‘Monster in my head’ which is a killer song in its own right, and really shows how much Djang San has grown as a singer and producer. Hoping 2014 will give us more from the mad hatter – very much like wine, he’s aging quite well.


Beijing’s never-ending infatuation with 80s cock rock continues forth with the debut EP from hard rock outfit Long Haul, regulars on the Mao Livehouse circuit for years now. Check out their promo video and you’ll get an idea of these guys. The debut entitled Journey, is five tracks (and an intro) of cock bulging, tight jeans, falsetto that all so common here in Beijing. Not in the mood to jump into the deep end with this one – just that, if you’re a child of the 80s, then you most certainly will be some kicks out of this one – give it a whirl over at douban and purchase it here.


Next week we\’ll have some early Christmas grifts from Pairs, Guiguisuisui, and more. Stay tuned.

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