MV Release: Heat Mark, Pet Conspiracy, MC Tommy, Djang San

How’s this for karma? After flaunting my trip down south – I end up with my visa stuck in limbo on the other side of the world and getting drenched at the music festival here in HK (at least King Lychee killed it). So yeah, gonna need some MVs to occupy my mind while I scramble my next move. Here’s the latest bit of cinematic goods from Heat Mark, Pet Conspiracy, MC Tommy, and Djang San.

How’s that for an entrance. Heat Mark, whom I’ve only seen on a few bills this past year have released their first MV and it’s got me eager to catch the garage duo live. Produced by Converse, who seem to have a knack for providing solid representation for a many local artists nowadays, for the song ‘Make A Deal’, is essential an introduction a band that’s yet to see them day. And that’s what’s so great about it – slick camera work (how they got those cameras flying above 798, well, I’ll chalk that under Converse having really deep pockets) that gives the duo all the screen time they deserve. Sexy. Definitely hearing a lot of The Kills in these two. And that ain’t a bad thing.

Entertainers in every sense, electro rockers Pet Conspiracy have been kicking it on the scene for some time now – last year they released the excellent EP Noise From The Future and now we have their first MV off of that, for the disco-high, foot tapping, single ‘Don’t Panic’. Featuring lead guitarist Huzi and drummer Edo getting their groove on in some sort of gallery setting, the video is definitely low-key for a Pet Conpsiracy MV yet manages to capture the high-octane energy of the duo’s performance. Essentially it’s like a mini version of a Pet Conspiracy concert albeit with nifty visual effects. Hot stuff. Check out the youtube version here.

A couple weeks back I mentioned MC Tommy’s latest release, and while it didn’t exactly wow me, there was a lot to like. And as we all know, every rapper needs a MV to solidify his rep. Well, not sure how the music video for ‘Car Candy’ will do for the MCs’ status as a baller, but it’ll certainly help with the ladies, as the MV shows our lead being the best man a girl can find as he goes though a day of shopping with his significant other. Niubi indeed.

Last, we got an little piece of goodness from mad hatter Djang San and his newly formed band – been dying to check out the band this summer after hearing great things – but I guess till then I’ll have to make due with this MV for ‘Gobi’ – an intriguing mashup of landscapes, camels, and others ‘captured’ moments from around the Gobi desert along with the band playing live at the Sanjianfang Festival back in October – all filtered through psychedelic tints, binocular vision, and an array of effects. Basically, Djang San having a ball behind the computer. Check out the youtube version here.

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