New Music: YADAE, Glamorous Pharmacy, Mola Oddity

YADAE 鸭打鹅 – Night Gloss 夜光

Shanghai indie outfit YADAE, led by Han Han and Wu Shanmin returns with their latest cosmic jam Night Gloss. The long-standing band continues their descent into the lush world of funk, soul, and electro jazz —adding a simmering psychedelic edge and an elegant classical touch. While the tonal shifts in their previous outing were jarring, Night Gloss finds the band on steadier footing, more assured in their cosmic tapestry of nocturnal grooves, deft instrumentation, and futuristic jazz, even giving air to some of their indie rock roots. Geeky in the best possible way. 


Glamorous Pharmacy 美好药店 – Loud As Deadly Silence 喧嚣的死寂

Formed in 1996, Glamorous Pharmacy is one of the most experimental and subversive avant-garde rock bands in China. Headed by surrealist folk minstrel Xiao He, and rounded out by an equally star-studded lineup that includes Ye Penggang, Li Tieqiao, Zhang Wei, and Zheng Zhiyong, their topsy-turvy blend of alternative folk, avant-garde rock and free jazz, has made them cult legends of sorts. The band resurfaced last year to rapturous fanfare – with a tour following soon after. Old Heaven Books – one of the scene’s most vital archives of Chinese rock – have released a live recording of the band’s tour – a collection of songs that beguiles, bewilders, tickles, stuns and simply put, rocks. 

成立于 1996 年,“美好药店”是中国最具实验性和颠覆性的前卫摇滚乐队之一。以超现实民谣吟游诗人小河为首,再加上叶鹏罡、李铁桥、张蔚、郑志勇 等星光熠熠的阵容,他们杂糅融合的另类民谣、前卫摇滚和自由爵士乐,使乐队成为另类传奇。去年,这支乐队再次出现在人们的视线中,并很快进行了巡演。“旧天堂书店”——中国摇滚乐最重要的档案馆之一——发行了乐队巡演的现场录音,其中的歌曲令人着迷、困惑、发痒、惊愕,简单地说,就是摇滚乐.

Mola Oddity 莫拉怪乐 – The Other Side of Hope 希望的另一面

A supergroup of sorts – consisting of Mandopop singer Amber Kou aka Birdy K, Yider (of NaraBara) and Asr – Mola Oddity brings esoteric grooves, world music oddities, and more to its pop concoction. Expertly made – its production brimming with flourishes that feel both organic and otherworldly, Mola seems to be trying to stand out from the hordes of pop acts – a chance for its singer to stretch her wings and go art house on audiences. Yet at the same time, one may wish it had a bit more bite – closer to the more rustic soul of someone like Fiona Apple. Nevertheless, Mola Oddity is a pleasant surprise – an album that’ll surely turn heads. 

由华语流行歌手郭采洁(Birdy K)、NaraBara 的 Yider 和 Asr 组成的超级组合,“莫拉怪乐”在她们的流行混合物中注入了神秘的律动、世界音乐的怪奇和其他更多东西。极专业的制作中充满有机又超凡的华丽,“莫拉”似乎试图从众多的流行乐队中脱颖而出——-为这位歌手提供了一个向观众展示她艺术取向的机会。但与此同时,也希望它能更有狠劲些,更接近 Fiona Apple 等人的质朴灵魂。尽管如此,“莫拉怪乐”仍是一个惊喜——这也是张让人眼前一亮的专辑。图片

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