Gig Recap: Schnellertollermeier x LYSOMA (2024.3.28)

Schnellertollermeier, LYSOMA – Yuyintang 育音堂/Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2024.3.28

Swiss trio Schnellertollermeier came through Yuyintang Park last Thursday courtesy of emerging promoters SoundFact – churning out heady mix of krautrock, math rock, and ambient noise for well over an hour.

Truly invigorating music – simple in its framework but endlessly imaginative in its assembly – a magic trick of sorts with multiple layers that slowly reveal themselves. Every riff and grove seems to generate surprise and wonder – and I think the dead silent crowd was simply in too much awe to really get moving. A true treat.

Afterwards I whipped over to Yuyintang to catch a fresh out of the pot new band called Lysoma – who despite having only three shows under their belt have garnered a fair bit of attention from the local scene. Post hardcore music with some real bite – this is exactly what the city of Shanghai needs. Fun, aggressive, take-no-prisoners rock and roll that could easily blend in with the metal crowd or the indie kids (you can hear everything from Fugazi to Melvins in their sound). Will definitely be catching them again soon.

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