New Music:  The 16th Floor, Me and My Sandcastle, Mammoth

 The 16th Floor 16层乐队 – Enjoy Eating 大快朵颐

Soundtracking urban life across seven emotionally fraught canvases, post rock outfit The 16th Floor packs quite the punch on their sophomore LP, Enjoy Eating, released with Modern Sky. With each track acting essential as a story (even cult film favorite Leon The Professional gets its own soundtrack) there’s a narrative thrust to how their songs build, crescendoing into moments of cathartic release that you’d be hard-pressed not to be moved by. While remnants of the post rock forefathers are still sewn into The 16th Floor’s sonic palette, the potency and ambition on their latest is all their own as they forge their own path forward. 

在七幅充满情感的画布上追逐城市生活,后摇乐队“16 层”在他们的第二张全长专辑《大快朵颐》(摩登天空发行)上大展拳脚。每首曲子都像一个故事(就连大受追捧的电影《这个杀手不太冷》也有自己的原声带),他们构建曲子的方式带着叙事主题,不断渐强进入抒情时刻,你很难不被打动。虽然“16 层”乐队的声音中仍残留着后摇前辈们的影子,但他们最新作品中蕴含的力量和雄心完全属于他们自己,因为乐队正在开辟属于自己的前进之路。

Mammoth 象乐队-  incorrect 不对

Rustic rock and roll from the mountains of Yunnan, Mammoth are as modest as they are soulful on their debut Incorrect, released with emerging world music imprint Sea of Wood. There’s a humanistic streak in the Zhaotong-hailing band – sincere in how it paints its home and the people at the fringes of society – all the while outfitting its sound with a shaggy old school demeanor with elements of grunge and reggae, recalling Miserable Faith, XTX, and Tongue at their most rugged. A fine if not remarkable yaogun throwback. 

来自云南山区的乡村摇滚 “象乐队”在他们首张专辑《不对》中谦逊而深情。由新兴世界音乐厂牌淼木唱片。这支昭通乐队有着人文主义的气息——他们真诚描绘了自己的家园和社会边缘群体——同时用垃圾摇滚和雷鬼元素为自己的声音增添一种蓬乱的老派风格,让人想起了“痛仰”、谢天笑和“舌头”乐队最粗犷的一面。这是张不失为“国摇”回归的不错作品。

Me and My Sandcastle – Love is Waiting 爱在等待

A little more refined, a bit more layered, and a heck ton catchier, the latest from rising lo-fi bedroom pop artist Me & My Sandcastle is a major step up. Led by Xiao Liu, and swimming in a vat of cough syrup guitar tones, woozy synths, and tender vocals, Love is Waiting finds refuge in its gentle sway and warm atmosphere – recalling acts like Homeshake and Mac Demarco as well as 70s pop and the more whimsical touch of composers like Jon Brion. It may not win over new fans, but it proves Me & My Sandcastle has plenty more juice in them. 

更精致、更有层次、更吸引人,冉冉升起的低保真卧室流行项目 Me & My Sandcastle 的最新专辑是有了很大的进步。在小刘的带领下,于咳嗽糖浆般的吉他音调、朦胧的合成器和温柔的歌声中游曳,Love is Waiting 在其轻柔的摇摆和温暖的氛围中寻得安全屋——让人想起 Homeshake 和 Mac Demarco,以及 70 年代的流行音乐和 Jon Brion 等作曲家的奇思。这张专辑可能不会吸引更多新听众,但证明了 Me & My Sandcastle 还有更丰富诱人的东西。

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