New Music: SrenHlinMrews, Ὁπλίτης, Deep Mountains

Ὁπλίτης – Παραμαινομένη

The one-man progressive metal project from Ningbo-based musician Liu Zhenyang aka Ὁπλίτης (Hoplites for those who aren’t caught up on their Greek) stormed onto the scene last year raising alarms all across the globe for his awe-inspiring technicality and punishing ferociousness. His fourth LP in just a year, Παραμαινομένη, might be his best yet – bolder than ever as acid-laced free-jazz saxophones bleed out over its blackened mathcore rhythms and heart-stopping riffs. Audacious, delirious, and as grand as they come, it’s pure uncut catnip for metal fans looking to veer valiantly off into the deep end – a gateway drug toward the genre’s most provocative and unorthodox offshoots. 

来自宁波音乐人单人前卫金属计划 Ὁπλίτης (Hoplites) 去年如同暴风般出现在场景中,激起惊叹。短短一年中的第四张专辑 Παραμαινομένη,可能是他目前最好也是最大胆的一张:酸味十足的自由爵士萨克斯流淌在黑金偏向的的数学核律动与令人 震撼的 riff 中。大胆、狂乱、以宏大的姿态展开,对于那些勇于深入挖掘的金属乐迷来说,这张专辑就是不二之选,是进入这一风格最具挑衅、最不正统分支的入门药物。–8

Deep Mountains 深山 – White Phoenix on Snow Mountain 雪山白鳳凰

Long-standing black metal torchbearers from the mountainous region of Taian, Shandong, Deep Mountains return with their latest LP, White Phoenix on Snow Mountain, released with Pest Productions. Though the past decade has softened some of the band’s more jaded edges, there’s an elegiac and somber quality to their latest but strikes a deeper chord compared to some of their faster-paced contemporaries – its rustic and bleeding post rock heart acting as the calm before the storm. This is most certainly a more mature Deep Mountains, albeit one still shrouded in a fog of philosophical dread, and they’re all the better for it. 


SrenHlinMrews 山神廟 –  Clouds, Mountains, Dreams, Woods 雲山夢樹

Black metal heads west as Sichuan band SrenHlinMrews (Temple of the Mountain Gods) throw their hat into the ring with their impressive debut Clouds, Mountains, Dreams, Woods. The Song Dynasty-evoking cover art gives a hint to the band’s more atmospheric and poetic take on the genre – one that soars headlong into the clouds, soaking in the majestic beauty of the landscape, before crashing down, the cold fog blanketing its surroundings. For those who prefer their black metal without the hallowing shrieks, the band has released a special acoustic version – employing just a piano and a Chinese flute (xiao) to guide listeners. 

四川乐队“山神廟”以令人印象的首张专辑《雲山夢樹》宣告着黑金属在国内的西进。令人想起宋代(山水画)的封面艺术暗示了乐队在这一 流派 中更大气(氛围)和诗意的一面——一头扎进云海,沉浸于壮美景色中,在坠落前已被冷雾包裹。对于那些倾心于他们刺耳嘶吼外的黑金的听众,乐队发行了一个特别的原声版本——只用钢琴与箫来引导听众。

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