MV Weekly: Mdprl & GitBu$y Trio, NaraBara, eitisga

NaraBara – Dab Hi

NaraBara – the music collective led by prolific producer and singer Yider, finds refuge in the complex harmonies and intricate rhythms of jazz – injecting new life into the ‘mystical storytelling and atmospheric qualities of Mongolian folk’. That fascinating juxtaposition is brought to even stranger life on the band’s new MV – Dab Hi – written and directed by the visionary storyteller, Teom Chen, who has created a non-anthropocentric world where pigeons are the most powerful creatures and the band members’ only hope is selling chairs to pigeons. Beautifully bizarre and singular.

Mdprl & GitBu$y Trio -Chicken 鸡

Mdprl & GitBu$y Trio, a Cantonese alternative and instrumental hip hop group from Guangzhou bring cheeky irrelevant to their love for food on their new single – soon to be released as a 7’’ on Space Fruity Records. Buoy by a breezy jazz charm, ramshackle hip hop swagger, and a laidback demeanor that one can only find down south, Mdprl gives listeners a rundown of his deep affinity for chicken and duck – listing off various Cantonese cooking methods and techniques. It’ll work up an appetite.

eitisga 一天世界 – Water & Dreams 水与梦

Beijing instrumental groove stirrers eitisga stimulate the senses on their new single ‘Water and Dreams’ – their first off of an upcoming release with Space Fruity Records. A lucid water-logged video, made by video artist Zhao Yanbin, works delirious wonders across different mediums — a vibe that fits the song’s rhythmic pleasures and shifts perfectly. A dizzying daydream brought to visual life.

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