Gig Recap: La Nuit (Bangkok 2024.2.08)

La Nuit, Tony Love, History Summer at Bangkok Island 2024.2.08

During my summer sabbatical in Bangkok in 2018 I frequented The Overstay – a hostel, squat, artist commune, live house, and gathering of induced states of consciousness for both visitors and locals. One of its owners at the time was getting together the paperwork for acquiring a boat – one that could be used for hosting events along the Chao Phraya River. I didn’t think much of his pipe dream -but much to my surprise he pulled it off – with the boat becoming dubbed Bangkok Island. Parked at a pier along the river (which changes depending on the friendliness of neighbors) it’s everything I could have hoped for. 

A revamped (extended outwards to make it bigger and to add a deck) old boat with a bar, DJs up top, and a live stage in the middle of the hull. And while the boat does rent itself out to your typical DJ parties and wedding events, the owners are also quite committed to giving up-and-coming bands a stage during the other days of the week via their BKK Indie Club series. That was how I came to check out La Nuit – a recommendation from experimentive founder Josh – a blog centered on underground music in Bangkok. 

A vibrant, fuzzy, buzzy psychedelic outfit dosages in layers of shoegaze, 90s alt rock, noise pop, and ambient music – it’s the kind of band you have to throw yourself in the deep end with – and with the boat gently swaying side to side next to the dock – was the perfect excuse to let my head drift into the clouds. 

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