New Music: Mimik Banka, Life Awaits, Heta Uma

Mimik Banka 表情银行 – Mimik Banka 表情银行

Over the past several years 16 mins, the alternative rock outfit led by singer Siyu and guitarist Robin, has undergone numerous evolutions, expanding on their sound and galvanizing a more palpable form of change, reemerging as Mimik Banka. Now two years later, the trio (which includes Tongtong) is ready to share their shape-shifting, genre-bending sound with us as they release their robust, elegantly assembled self-titled debut. With a sonic fingerprint that touches on everything from trip-hop, dream pop, and indie rock, with hints of jazz and classical music, they’re a band that defies categorization. With a deftness for seamlessly blending sultry cabaret compositions with a more contemporary indie-pop slyness, bare-bones in its approach, but subtly more complex upon exploration, it’s a ‘post-impressionist’ album that rewards those patient enough to jump on its wavelength.




Life Awaits – Fluorescent

Beijing melodic hardcore outfit Life Awaits returns with their sophomore release – taking their sonically intricate and emotionally draining sound to new depths. With echoes of metalcore, post-hardcore and emo rock (ala Architects, Crystal Lake) the band has tapped into something primal – hitting one musical catharsis after another and delivering their message loud and clear via earnest lyrics upon gut-wrenching vocals, swirling instrumentation that’s brutal yet accessible, and a fraught ‘go for broke’ musical commitment to exposing every raw nerve for what it is. A tonic of intense guitar-charging breakdowns and tranquil electronically-infused calms, Life Awaits maneuvers the many peaks of valleys of disenchanted youth with precision and sincerity. Striking a chord never felt so enriching.




Heta Uma – OPA!

Self-taught Hong Kong-raised Beijing-based producer and musician Heta Uma delights on his wildly eccentric debut EP OPA!. A deluge of influences and twisted layers spinning frantically one on top of another, it’s a carnivalesque affair that the producer has put together – crossbreeding vivacious KTV-laced Dan Deacon inspired mayhem, Panda Bear-evoking neo-psychedelic pop, and even some straight-up surf rock swagger. Electronic music filtered through punk rock, there’s a devilish charm to the Technicolor LSD-laced animated world Heta Uma has dreamt up.



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