MV Weekly: ZHI16, Null Radio

ZHI16 – 2049

The sonically ambitious electronic producer ZHI16, veers deep into sci-fi territory on his latest release with Babel Records, sculpting his smooth, funk-driven sound into something darker and intergalactic. That new direction finds a visual companion in ‘2049’ directed by visual artist and 3D animator LIinyou Xie, which takes the grand atmosphere of ZHI16’s sound and traces it around a future traveler stuck in the mouth of madness. An astronaut wakes up to a Mars-esque landscape that outfitted with some truly terrifying beings – giants, slug-like spores, and a giant Cronenberg nightmare of heads and teeth that eventually gets its jaws on our protagonist (or in the words of its creator – ‘swallowed up by his own consciousness’). So yeah, pretty wild stuff. 

Null Radio 空心电台 – I Don’t Need 我不需要

Fresh on the scene, Beijing’s Null Radio bring some quirky fun to the electro-rock world on their single ‘I Don’t Need’ and the music video surrounding its doesn’t disappoint. There’s a DIY rambunctiousness to the MV which has fun tossing its musicians in various positions in a cluttered apartment (that has a spa room?) and just generally being goofy with ridiculously silly (yet visually pleasing) props. Now that’s how you do a makeshift music video on a tight budget folks! 

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