Gig Recap: Life Awaits (Omni Space 2019.11.29)

I’ve been in plenty of crowds over the year, but I don’t think I’ve been in a crowd quite as proactive and emotive as the audience at Life Awaits show at Omni Space last year, where the post-hardcore band was dropping their sophomore release. Walls of death, erratic dance moves, phone torches galore, and chanting on demand – not only was the crowd receptive of the band’s music – an unapologetic blend of hardcore, emo, and electrocore (I might have made up that last genre) – they were preaching it, letting it flow through their veins and giving in to the musical catharsis it provides with an air of positivity that you simply don’t see enough of in the scene (I was even standing next to an eleven-year-old who pogoing out). And why the hell not?

While Life Awaits might not be everyone’s cup of tea (particularly for those who feel like they’ve matured beyond this brand of music) there’s no denying their go-for-broke commitment to delivering the goods – charging through one emotionally wrought song after another like a sermon – via earnest, gut-wrenching vocals, guitar-charging breakdowns, and tranquil, synth-laden waves of calm. And if you let your guard down, It’ll pull you right in. Life Awaits have carved out their little corner of the music scene and they’re gonna raise as much hell as possible.

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