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Various Artists – Eating Music presents Dreaming with Friends

Spanning from lo-fi instrumental hip-hop to experimental dance music, Shanghai-based Eating Music furthers welcoming in an arrayof styles and talents on their newest annual compilation Dreaming with Friends, which showcases seven independent female artists/producers from around China withan affinity for thinking outside the box. Included in the sublime mix are Yu Su, Fishdoll, HUAN HUAN, Dodogo, Cocoonics, LimboLimbs, and Tingting – each providing an‘emotionally complex and unvarnished sonic dream’to dive into. 

从低保真效果的器乐嘻哈到实验性的舞曲,根植于上海的独立音乐厂牌宜听音乐在其最新的年度合辑《Dreaming with Friends》中呈现了一系列多样的风格和才艺表达。专辑向我们展示了七位来自国内不同地域的独立女性艺术家/制作人,她们热衷于跳出惯性思维,打破常规。这华丽的组合包括了Yu Su、Fishdoll、HUAN HUAN、Dodogo、Cocoonics、LimboLimbs和彭喜悦,她们将不同的情感注入到创作之中,汇集成拥有复杂情绪却又不加掩饰的声音梦想。





Various Artists – Voice of Wuhan Vol. 7武汉之声VOL.7

Wuhan’s music scene continues to strive (even under a pandemic lockdown), and it has never sounded better. Already in its seventh edition, The Voice of Wuhan, is a compilation series put out by VOX (Wuhan’s premier venue and distributor) highlighting some of the city’s blooming talent. This year’s edition features post punk wranglers RenMu, melodic noise rockers Silly Function, rustic punk ruffians Nicotin, sardonic old school rockers Huo Ding, and instrumental math rock laced outfit Fill Lake. Asalways, a nice range of sounds and proof again Wuhan is going stronger than ever.

即便遭遇了因新型冠状病毒肺炎肆虐而封城的特殊时期,武汉的独立乐队们依然持续努力着,并不断进步着。已经发行到第七辑的《武汉之声》是由VOX(武汉首屈一指的现场酒吧和唱片发行厂牌)推出的一张合辑,点亮了这个城市中一批暂时还默默无闻却才华横溢的音乐才子们。今年这一辑收录的五支乐队分别是:后朋克牛仔如梦、旋律摇滚Silly Function、乡村朋克尼古丁乐队、讽刺硬核摇滚火丁乐队和数学后摇Fill Lake。一如既往,美好的音乐背后是人们坚定武汉比会以往任何时候都要强大的信念。



Various Records – Babel Records presents Year of the Rat 鼠年·安康

Beijing-based Babel Records bring in the new year with a dizzying suave offering of urban pop electronica from some of the label’s most valued producers as well as some new faces. Dripping in sultryR&B and elastic future pop the compilation puts a new spin on the Chinese New Year melding both the retro sounds of yesterday with the trendsetting neon-soaked traits of today for an invigorating journey into dopeness – featuring tracks from ZHI16, Truetrue, catAKU, Yan, and MoBugz. 

Babel Records在新年到来之际推出了一张合辑,旗下新老制作人携手带来这张成熟的城市流行电子乐专辑。聆听这些乐曲令人倍感赏心悦目,风情万种的R&B和张弛有度Future Pop被淋漓尽致地混合在优美的旋律中,怀旧复古与新潮闪耀相得益彰,这张合辑的创作初衷是为喜庆的中国农历新年增添一抹欢乐松弛的节日气氛,但如今希望这些音乐可以安抚大家焦虑迷茫的心绪,希望所有人都平安健康,振作起来。五组音乐制作人分别为ZHI16、Truetrue、catAKU、Yan和MoBugz。


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