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Last week, Wuhan officially came out of lockdown. They’ve had a rough few months, and the road back to normalcy will be a difficult one. Luckily, China’s music community has been there for the city and today we’d like to share two releases that look to raise money for the ongoing struggles faced by the city during this crisis. 


Tapes for Charity Vol. 1 爱心录音带

Beijing DIY tape makers Nugget Records, along with Guangzhou’s Qiii Snacks Records and Beijing-based producer thruoutin, bring their love for the medium and charitable hearts to this lush robust two-cassette release – Tapes for Charity Vol.1 – ‘a collection of indie-pop/electronic songs from artists all over the world who want to do their part to help out during the current coronavirus epidemic’. While the first tape leans more toward indie-pop flavors the labels are known for, with some choices tracks from bands like Shenzhen’s Atta Girl and Guangzhou’s Power Milk, the second tapes spins a fine web of electronic artists and acts, including Wuhan’s Night Swimmer and Dalian’s Xie Yugang. Better yet, all proceeds from the digital album will go towards the Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (, a small Wuhan-based charity who helps stranded pets, during a time when many pet owners cannot return home to Wuhan as a result of the quarantine. 

这个双磁带合辑是nugget records, Qii Snacks records和thruoutin一起合作的项目。现在的冠状病毒疫情非常严重,我们发布这个合辑的目的是为了支持Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association (武汉市小动物保护协会)。2020年的春节前,很多人返乡武汉为了过新年。从而导致许多宠物滞留在家中, 主人给它们准备了几个星期的吃的。伴随着这个疫情的情况越来越严重,武汉市封城。主人们也没办法回来喂他们的宠物。武汉市小动物保护协会已通过在锁匠的帮助下获得各种所有者的许可, 进入他们的家给这些宠物及时的营救。他们是一个小的组织,但是已经帮助了数百动物。尽管该城市处于封锁状态,但他们仍在努力提供帮助。 

第一件事为了开始创作这张合辑是nugget record联系到广州地下音乐厂牌Qii Snacks和美国电 子制作人thruoutin要不要参加。后来大家同意把所有的收益给WSAPA。最后的结果是双磁带的合辑。分了两个大概的风格,第一张是独立音乐乐队和音乐人,第二张是更氛围和电子音乐的感觉。还有国内和国外的音乐人都积极参加了。现在我们的合辑能在Bandcamp上试听。 

Tapes for Charity – An Electronic Mixtape



Tapes for Charity – An Indie Pop Mixtape



Home Fitness 家庭保健

Newly formed Beijing-based music collective DCYY take on the Covid-19 pandemic with an energetic, elastic care-package of electronica courtesy of an array of producers and artists in and outside of China. Touching upon everything from house to techno and all its left-field compatriots, including tracks from acts like Gooooose (Shanghai), Knopha (Xiamen), and Negative808 (Beijing), the release will directly benefit the Firefly Plan ‘for the purchase of protective clothing, diapers, sanitary pads and other essential items needed by frontline medical staff’. The perfect workout plan for those looking to get their bodies active and help those in need. 



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