MV Weekly: Ritual Day, Fishdoll

Ritual Day 施教日 –  Weak Light Of Silence 暗夜微光

Veteran black metal band Ritual Day, an indispensable part of China’s metal music scene for over 20 years, celebrated a killer two decades with a music video showcasing the band in all their gloriousness. Pagan rituals, gnarly costumes, and levitation all the while the track pummels you to death via heavy guitars, hoarse voices, and pitch-black melodies, finding the rustic and rugged spirit of between light and dark.


Fishdoll – Yu Man 宇漫

Electronic producer Fishdoll finds solace in the retro cinematic vision of space and the outer reaches of space, utilizing an array of footage of cinema’s fascination with space and the moon, particularly the silent film era’s, including footage from 1929’s Woman in the Moon, among others. Which is appropriate considering the track is off of Eating Music’s latest female-centric compilation ‘Dreaming with Friends’.  

电子制作人倒渔意识到早期默片对宇宙和外太空的迷恋,重新剪辑成充满对太空和月球幻想的短片,其中一部是拍摄于1929年的《月球上的女人》,在这些怀旧的影像中寻找到些许慰藉。这正契合了Eating Music新近发行的聚焦女性音乐人的新专辑《Dreaming with Friends》的主题。

Translated by: Joy

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