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Forests are a force of nature. The math rock riffing, emo-crackling trio have not only taken the underground Singaporean music scene by storm, but have had indie circles around the world enamored with their wise-cracking, explosive, and righteous sound for a couple of years, peaking last year with the release of their sophomore LP “Spending Eternity in a Japanese Convenience Store”. 

Forests 有一种浑然天成的能力。数摇打底的riff加上emo三大件的编排,达到情绪饱满又灵光频现的精准效果,不仅席卷新加坡地下音乐现场,也在世界范围的独立音乐圈引起关注。

There’s a self-aware mischievousness to the way the band plays around the genre they’re beholden to – toeing the line between hilarious self-deprecation and righteous heartbreak – it’s messy, cathartic, dangerously honest and full of vitality.


Their shows are one for the ages too. A scrappy, volatile swirl of emotions, musicianship, and youthful vigor that’s hard not to get wrapped up in. While Chinese music-goers were lucky enough to catch them last year in Guangzhou before a short- lived hiatus, my first true taste was back in January where the band managed to pack fifty-plus people into a 30-person max venue. Their set eventually turned into one sing-along after another, with audience members screaming into the mics, bodies being tossed around like ragdolls, and gear coming dangerously close to being crushed by the rambunctious crowd. 


I’d never seen anything quite like it. A friend of mine even started crying when the band caved to his request of one of their quieter tunes (“Tater Tots”). Simply put, they’ve struck a chord with listeners.  



Forests @ Lithe House (Jan 2020) – Photo: Tom Arnstein

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