Mixtape No.239

Siyunge 司云阁 《You were there》 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Biuya 不优雅 《I Need a Conversation 停在空中》 (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)

Hoo! 《Bulubulu 布鲁布鲁》 (Guangzhou/Merrie Records)

Deep Water 《Honey!》 (Chengdu/Ruby Eyes Records)

SeafoodCake 海鲜鱼饼 《Telephone Honey》 (Xi’an/Qiii Snacks Records)

Gatsby in a Daze 《Maoten》 (Hangzhou/Ruby Eyes Records)

Schoolgirl byebye 《一般的生活》 (Nanjing/Ruby Eyes Records)

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