MV Weekly: Wisdom Tooth, Finger Family, SUBS


Multi-member body suits, a Japan dream come true for one of Beijing’s hottest pop punk acts, and a behind the scenes look at a rock and roll producer’s studio – it’s a lively lot we’ve got on hand today as we look at the latest videos from SUBS, Finger Family, and Wisdom Tooth.

SUBS are back! Well, they never really left but it’s been some time since they’ve released new music, so it was a great joy to spin their latest EP, Grotesque Ave. 怪诞大道 , and they’ve got a MV for ‘Sundead’ off that one. And it\’s slick piece of film that gets a hell ton of mileage out of what is basically a studio with some headlamps, a bunch of willing extras, some costumes, and a giant red blanket. Director Dafu has a keen sense of mise-en-scene which elevates what would otherwise be a trite, cheaply made art short into something engaging, vigorous, and even personable. Not a small feat. SUBS are on a massive nation-wide tour so if you’ve got the opportunity – check them out!

Yang Haisong imparts his musical wisdom on a ramshackle group of Hangzhou peers with some serious potential. I had never heard of the Hangzhou post punk band Wisdom Tooth before this video popped up on my weibo feed, but I’m mighty impressed. Hangzhou keeps churning out bands who are on their own wavelength and are all the better for it. The young band hit up Haisong’s Psychic Kong Studio in Beijing last month and I love how getting a glimpse of how it’s all put together as well as the clash of personalities and eccentricities on hand.

One of the band’s to really hit their stride has been pop punk outfit Finger Family, who despite starting when they were in high school, have managed to hold onto their musical integrity and gain a huge following, which resulted in the band touring and recording their latest album in Japan. That trip makes up the gist of the music video ‘New World’ and it looks like it was a blast, for both the band and the audiences over there cause let’s be honest, this is totally Japan’s jam. Love the visit at the end. Man I really need to get to Japan already.

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