In Pictures: iimmune, thruoutin, VU, Red.pores pomelo (DDC 19.08.2016)



Electronica’s offbeat characters and soundshifters gathered at DDC in mid-August to celebrate the latest compilation from Seippelabel, the cross-national Beijing/US based digital label, curated and put together by local musician Brad Seippel (aka thruoutin). Their latest volume (coming out only a week or after Vol. 4) put the lens on Beijing’s underground techno scene, or more particularly the artists were dance on the fringes of the techno scene. A vague idea, but therein lies the beauty as each of the artists performing, including the classically alluring Red.pores pomelo, the densely packed symphony of iimmune, the thematic techno ambience of VU and the organic and lively beat driven soundscapes of thruoutin. While the dark and dingy walls of Dada would relish in these sounds, there’s nothing like geeking out over electronic music with like-minded folks, each craving something different and unique. Check out more pictures below and dive into some of the stimulating sounds of the latest Seippelabel release on bandcamp.





















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