In Pictures: DOC, Duck Fight Goose (Tango 20.08.2016)


D-Force Records aren’t messing around – the label founded by one of China’s pioneering musical online platforms, douban, has been making a name for itself as a label since their incarnation in early 2015 with a steady inflow of stellar artists and bands, old and new, who are finding comfort expanding their sound there. Case in point, Dalian post rock trope DOC and Shanghai electro rock outfit Duck Fight Goose, two bands who despite their critical success in their early careers have completely redefined themselves as evident at the bands’ double album release party at Tango last month. While DOC (once known as Doc Talk Shock) has expanded (maybe refined is the better word) their sound only so slightly, showing a maturity that feels once at ease and precise, it was Duck Fight Goose that has completely shed their skin, turning themselves into a high tech, futuristic jazz band that’s entirely on their own wavelength. I’m not gonna lie – as much as I was fascinated and engrossed by the band’s set, there was a lack of intimacy in their sound. A meticulousness in their sound that made it hard to emotionally connect immediately (though I’d argue that’s part of the appeal). This may have been due to the extravagant visual display – an array of staggered curtains flaps draped in front of the band to be used as the first layer of a massive projection installation made up of increasingly hypnotic, mind-bending visuals which were for lack of a better word, out of this world. Seriously amazing stuff those visuals. Worth the price alone. And likely the reason why these pictures (more below) came out so lackluster – cookie treats and face melting projections = jaw ajar for two hours plus.















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