MV Weekly: The Big Wave 大波浪, Ding Wu 丁武

The Big Wave 大波浪 – Kung Fu In The Mouth 嘴上功夫

Beijing-based new wave synth-pop outfit, The Big Wave, with a fetish for New Order-esque soundscapes and cryptic (stilted and loving it) lyrics are back in fighting mode after their explosive stint on The Big Band last summer. Since then the band has been keeping busy – releasing back-to-back LPs earlier this year and have just hit the road for a nationwide tour. To celebrate they dropped a music video for their hit single ‘’Kung fu In The Mouth” – set in an interrogation room – the band members torture one another to keep some answers. Cheeky good fun.

Ding Wu 丁武 – ‘什么&黑洞

Ding Wu, lead singer of Tang Dynasty, who shaped the definition of Chines metal music is back again with his second solo release – further exploring the dual identity as a painter and musician, and, as is evident in the new double-single, ‘什么&黑洞’ a conceptual artist. Incarnated as an “alien visitor”, Ding Wu descends upon the earth, attaching himself to the protagonist, slowly blurring the lines between reality and illusion, as our concepts of humanity and extraterrestrial civilization twist and turn on both a macro and micro level. Look for Ding Wu’s new album to drop at the beginning of December.

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