New Music: Fayzz, Flying Game, Swarrm, The Clinic

Fayzz – Connection

Chengdu’s Fayzz brings their immersive and distinct take to the instrumental rock genre on their long-awaited debut LP Connection. With a tender yet playful elasticity to their vibrant ear-pleasing concoctions, their music tosses in elements of math rock, chill out, and even hip-hop flavored jazz, crafting an innovative and euphonic harmony-rich sound. Above all, Fayzz seems to be operating here on a fantastical level – capturing the breeziness, whimsy, anxiousness and beauty of the boundless jungle – both in the tropical and urban sense – and in the process have crafted one of the best albums of the year. 

成都的 Fayzz 在令人期待已久的首张全长专辑 Connection 中带来了他们沉浸式的、独特的器乐摇滚。他们的音乐有一种温柔而俏皮的弹性,让人耳目一新,加入了数摇,chill,甚至还有嘻哈风味的爵士乐,形成了一种创新的、富于和声的声音。最重要的是,Fayzz  似乎是在一个幻想的层面上演奏:他们捕捉到了无边丛林的微风、无论是在热带还是城市的意义上的异想天开、焦虑和美丽,并在这个过程中制作了今年最好的专辑之一。

Flying Games 飞行游戏 – 金海回响

An ode to the band’s university years spent in the outskirts of the city, Shanghai’s Flying Games once again dig into the push and pull of young adulthood, finding bittersweet reverence in the memories that we’ll never let go of. The band’s noise pop palette sounds richer and fuller in every regard – from its scrappy punch-drunk instrumentation to its reflective yet figurative lyricism. At the same time, the band isn’t afraid to shake up their core sound, throwing in nuggets of funk city pop amongst its more compact melodic noise pop aspirations. Fear not though, Flying Games’ angst-ridden, sincere indie rock is in peak form here – proving they’re a band to be reckoned with. 

作为对乐队在城市郊区度过的大学时光的颂歌,上海的飞行游戏再次挖掘了年轻人的成长,在我们永远无法释怀的记忆中找到一份苦乐参半的敬意。乐队噪音流行的风格在各方面都听起来更加丰富充实:从吵吵闹闹,醉酒一般的器乐到反思而具象的抒情。于此同时,乐队并不惧怕变动他们声音的核心,在更紧凑的旋律性噪音流行音乐的中加入放克和 City Pop 的碎片。但不必惊慌,飞行游戏愤怒、真诚的独立摇滚在这里达到了顶峰,证明了他们是一支值得被重视的乐队。

The Clinic 克林尼克 – 午夜出诊

Post punk continues to dig its gritty fingernails into China’s music scene – with a new batch of Beijing bands taking the mantle and twisting the genre into new shapes and forms including The Clinic. A bit more baroque, a bit more gothic, and heck more synth-happy than your average post punk outfit, The Clinic are a classic 80s take on the genre, finding room for more ethereal prom night waltzes as well as moodier paranoid-driven cold wave-leaning numbers. By no means a game-changer, but The Clinic has got the aesthetic and attitude down pat and it’ll be interesting to see how the young band will develop in the near future. 


Swarrm 撕妄 – 谎言赞美诗

Swarrm the post-metal instrumental rockers give a lesson on how to turn your instruments into weapons of mass destruction, tearing into their hard-edged electric and ominous world with relish on their new LP. The Beijing trio consisting of seasoned veterans including guitarist Gao Fang, bassist Lao Bai and drummer Liu Gan, describe their style of decadent and it’s clear why – while traces of post rock, math rock, blues rock, post punk, and garage rock are ever-apparent within their latest, the through-line seems to be its dark-hued temperament. Taut, hardened, yet not without its rhythmic deviancy, it’s a high-strung musical pilgrimage. 

后金属器乐摇滚乐队 Swarrm 给大家上了一课:如何把你的乐器变成大规模杀伤性武器,他们在新专辑中颇为享受地将他们的硬派的电子、及其构造的不祥世界撕开。这支由吉他手高放、贝斯手老白和鼓手刘乾这三名经验丰富的老手组成的北京三人组,他们将乐队的风格描述为“颓废”,而很明显的是,虽然后摇、数摇、蓝调摇滚、后朋和车库摇滚的痕迹在他们的最新作品中不断显现,但贯穿始终的似乎是其暗色调的气质。紧绷、强硬,但不缺少节奏上的变化,这是一次高亢的音乐朝圣之旅。

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