New Music: Barbarika, Yikii, Pool of Light x thruoutin

Barbarika – Sleeplessinsleep

Barbarika, an electronic singer-songwriter from Yulin, dives headfirst into his subconsciousness on the beguiling, haunting and singular Sleeplessinsleep. Combining elements of folktronica, world music, avant pop, ambient music and Gods knows what else – it’s a fascinating concoction – one that looks to capture that state ‘between lethargy and sleeplessness’ – that moment where something enters your frame and tells you’ve left reality. Besides utilizing a vast range of traditional instruments such as the Japanese zither, guzheng, taiko, udokou, sitar, and tuduk to name a few, Barbarika makes fine use of his fragile, whispered voice and his intricate, collage of samples. Always intriguing, always engaging – Barbarika has created a textually rich album.

来自玉林的电子唱作人 Barbarika,在《Sleeplessinsleep》中一头扎进了他的潜意识中,令人心动,萦绕心头,奇特无比。结合了民谣、世界音乐、前卫流行、氛围音乐和天知道其他什么的元素:这是一个迷人的混合物,它试图捕捉 “在昏睡和失眠之间 “的状态——那一刻,仿佛有什么东西进入你的框架中,告诉你已经离开现实。除了利用大量的传统乐器,如日本筝、古筝、中国大鼓、太鼓、乌德琴、嘟嘟克和西塔琴等等,Barbarika 还很好地利用了自己脆弱体沉的声音和复杂的拼贴采样。时刻引人入胜:Barbarika 创造了一张质感丰富的专辑。

Yikii – Crimson Poem 深紅之詩

Changchun producer Yikii, releases her latest shapeshifting and utterly twisted LP ‘Crimson Poem’ – a cauldron of J-horror tropes, David Lynch, eerie lullabies, and post-industrial crossed with ambient folk. Equal parts unsettling and alluring, Yikii’s draws listeners into her fun house of terror like a siren from the netherworld, tossing everything from disembodied chants to classical instruments onto her pitch-black canvas. One moment you’re following an innocuous piano chord, the next swelling synths blare over glitch samples, before finally, haunting violin strings bring back the gothic vibes. And therein lies the magic – this push and pull between shock and wonder, between pleasure and agony – that keeps listeners on their toes, always looking over their shoulder.

长春制作人 Yikii 发布了她最新的变形和完全扭曲的LP《深紅之詩》–这是一个由 J-Horror tropes、大卫林奇、阴森的摇篮曲和后工业化与氛围民谣交叉的大杂烩。在不安和诱惑并存的情况下,Yikii 吸引听众进入她的恐怖屋中,就像来自阴间的海妖一样,把从失魂落魄的吟唱到古典乐器的一切都扔到她漆黑的帆布上。前一刻你还在追随一个天真无辜的钢琴和弦,下一刻膨胀的合成器在 glitch 的采样上响起,最后,萦绕的小提琴弦带着哥特式的氛围回归。这就是神奇之处:这种在震撼和惊奇之间、在快乐和痛苦之间的推拉:让听众紧抓着他们的脚趾,注意着他们的肩膀。

Pool of Light x thruoutin – Revive at Dawn

Artists Pool of Light and thruoutin, active members in the Chinese underground music scene for years, bond their love of experimental music with their latest spilt Revive at Dawn, which swims willingly into the deep waters of drone, ambient, and field recordings. Drawing on themes of awakening, the pair pieced together their layered sonic worlds whilst residing in Shenyang and Beijing, tying in their own musical sensibilities. Pool of Light’s takes his zen-like guitar-driven drone to new heights with the addition of piano and field recordings. Meanwhile, thruoutin uses everything from cassette tape manipulation, field recordings, ambient drones, and modular synthesizers capturing something more metaphysical and otherworldly. Ambient catnip.

艺术家 Pool of Light 和 thruoutin,多年来一直是中国地下音乐场景中的活跃成员,他们用最新的作品R evive at Dawn 将他们对实验音乐的热爱结合在一起,自由地遨游在嗡鸣、氛围和田野录音的深海。他们以觉醒为主题,在沈阳和北京居住时拼凑出了他们层次分明的声音世界,并将他们自己的音乐感觉联系在一起。Pool of Light 在钢琴和田野录音的加入下,将他的禅宗式的吉他驱动的嗡鸣带到了新的高度。同时,thruoutin 使用了从磁带、田野录音、氛围嗡鸣和模块化合成器等一切手段,捕捉更多形而上和另一个世界的东西。一次氛围音乐的盛宴。

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