MV Weekly: Guzz, Huzi x EDO


Guzz – Fleeting Whispers 一线之间的细语

Beijing based electronic producer Guzz, one of the many talents who have found success in the hybrid of ancestral sounds of Asia and contemporary electronic music, creating a swirling intoxicating and innovative meshing of sounds and cultures, continues on this path with his latest EP Koi off of Babylon Records and they’ve released a stunner of a MV to go along with its standout track. Read up on Guzz’s influences behind the EP over at Radii.



Huzi 虎子 x EDO – Sleepless

Whilst the output of Pet Conspiracy, the electro rock veterans who have been a staple of the festival scene in Beijing for over a decade, has been less and less, its members, particularly of producer Huzi has been busy of ever, running one of Modern Sky’s recording studios down in Phuket, Thailand. He joins up with fellow Pet Conspiracy member Edo, as well as lows0n, for this nocturnal earworm filmed on the Gulangyu island of Xiamen during a residency in an abandoned villa. Sexy jam there.

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