MV Weekly: Chui Wan, Guzz

Chui Wan – Gentle binding Love 缱绻温柔/ Silence Bought the Whole Lake 寂静买下了整座湖 Psychedelic groovers Chui Wan have always been a band content to follow their own wavelength, pushing their esoteric and sometimes downright surreal sound to new territory, all […]


LBM Mixtape No. 226

Slot Canyons – Lake of Reflections (Wuhan/Field Ring Recordings) Guzz – No-mind 无念 (Beijing/Self-Released) Wanderlust – (d:re) (Toronto x Tianjin/Self-Released) GG Lobster – Rivaldo Top 10 Goals (Hangzhou/FunctionLab) Siyunge x LST – A Full Moon Walk 满月行走 (Beijing/Self-Released) Another Van – FuXing […]


LBM Mixtape 156

  allenvave – 分裂1-800-phonelove (feat.L100BENNY) (Nanning/Babel Records) Zoogazer 动物园钉子户 – Lakeside 湖边 (Xuzhou/Self-Released) Baishui 白水 (feat. Yuan Tian 袁田) – The 31st Love Letter (Sichuan/BlankSounds 空白聲) Ma Bang 马帮乐队-分龙传说 (Guangzhou/Modern Sky) Lionman 狮子侠 – Lion on the Moon (Shenzhen/Self-Released) […]