MV Weekly: Gong Gong Gong, Falsus

工工工 – Moonshadows (Simon Frank Remix)

One brother steps in for another on the cheeky ‘noir by way of traditional Chinese rod puppetry’ music video for Simon Frank’s remix of the Beijing guitar-bass duo’s ‘Moonshadows’. With one Frank back in the West, the team decided upon themselves to enshrine him via tablecloth, which lingers between Tom Ng and the Frank doppelgänger working his synth magic. Add in some expert puppeteering and the chic interior setting of Beijing’s Modernista and you’ve got yourself a sexy little video courtesy of director Liu Yi.

FALSUS 错象 – 拔归

Rising Hangzhou art rock outfit FALSUS, fresh off the release of their debut with Enigma Records, have got put together a nifty little music video to capture the distorted melodies, looping dissonance and ‘garbled poetry’ of their sound – home video by way of magician realism. It’s frantically assembled but fits the mood perfectly.

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