Mixtape No. 274

Sunken Square 下沉广场 – 小红花 (Shanghai/Self-Released)
CLAY DOLL – 飞蚊症 (Suzhou/StreetVoice)
Da Seven 大七乐团 – Hi 19(Live) (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Heat Mark 热斑 – Feel Your Mind (Beijing/StreetVoice)
Disbanded Tomorrow 明天就解散 – 一个自由主义者的心愿独白 (Hangzhou/Self-Released)
Young Drug 回春丹 – 庙小妖风大 (Qinzhou/Self-Released)
Mandarin – Echo 回声(Shanghai/MONTI ARK)
Zimablue 芝麻布 – Why did the rainbow collapse?(Changsha/StreetVoice)

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