Gig Recap: Running Out of Time, Young Drug, Lost Wave (2020.11.21)

现场回顾: 烈烈烈: Running Out of Time 时间不够以后, Young Drug 回春丹, Lost Wave 失浪潮 (MAO Livehouse 杭州 2020.11.21)

Popped by MAO Livehouse Saturday night in Hangzhou to see what else the kids of Hangzhou are up to. And the verdict: dancing their asses off. Seriously, the enthusiasm and energy was overwhelming as moshpits, conga lines and relentless amounts fo crowd surfing became the new normal. You could barely catch your breath before some other kid whose aspirations haven’t been crushed yet was throwing themselves into the crowd with the excitement of a ten-year-old. Grumpy old man antics aside, it was interesting to see just what the kids were getting all flustered about – a platter of young and trending bands from across China. 

Made it in time for my camera lens to steam up as Chengdu’s Time Is Running Out ravaged through a set that was all over the place genre-wise – a bit of Radiohead falsetto coo; some synth-infused indie swagger, and lots of Britpop bombast. When it works it works like gangbusters – there are some solid singles in their catalogue and there’s no denying their chops. But as with the next band, the more shameless Lost Wave, there’s a bit too much excess. Songs begin with aplomb with little to no lead-up – leaving little room in between to build tension.

Which is probably why I got such a kick out of Young Drug, from Qinzhou. Their edges were sharper; they knew how to drag their songs out, let them unfold naturally, and then go in for the kill. Dangerously alluring they were – Young Drug are definitely a band to get an eye on. Perhaps I am getting a bit long in the tooth but whatever the case, there is something invigorating about seeing young rabid fans throw themselves into a frenzy – and reaffirms that Hangzhou knows how to have fun. You better believe I’ll be back. 

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