Gig Recap: Acid Accident, Clay Doll, Durian, Bad Treatment (2020.11.20)

Durian 榴莲, Acid Accident 酸性事件, Clay Doll, Bad Treatment (9Club 酒球会 Hangzhou 杭州 2020.11.20)

Goofy hijinks abound in Hangzhou over the weekend – a city whose music scene, while small compared to its lipstick-smeared neighbor, has a scrappy, no holds barrel energy that simply does not exist in Shanghai. Young and full of spunk, there’s a riotous spirit to audiences here and at no place is that truer than 9 Club. 

A rock and roll venue through and through – filled to the brim with cheap beer, bar sports of all sorts (pool, darts, ping pong – you name it) and ample space for both music goers and party seekers – they teamed up with local promoters Borderless – for their latest ‘Eight Hours Rock Club’ – a cesspool of music, DJs, KTV breakdowns, and more rambunctiousness one can remember. 

From the sax-infused grooves of multi-national outfit of Durian, to the electrifying and stimulating instrumental rock of Beijing’s Acid Accident; from the lo-fi melodic charm of Suzhou shoegaze act Clay Doll to the old school punk antics of Shanghai’s Bad Treatment – every band brought their own distinctive flavor to the evening and delivered. 

Heck, even the after-party had its own share of surprises – from bands and audiences bopping around to classic Chinese rock songs to slapping matches between friends. Good times and good vibes.

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