LBM Mixtape No. 104


Forsaken Autumn – Insane (performs at DDC Sat. Sept. 10th)

GaiWaEr – Youth of Generation (performs at School Sat. Sept. 10th)

Suzi & Paramecia – 北归 (performs at DDC Thur. Sept. 8th)

Children\’s Cinema – 小鱼 (performs at Mao Livehouse Sun. Sept. 11th) 

Spill Your Guts – Beasts (performs at School Sat. Sept. 10th) 

Huun-Huur-Tu – 图瓦的春天 (performs at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center Sat. Sept. 11th) 

Yue Xuan (Hong Qile Remix) – Lost (performs at Meridian Space Sat. Sept. 10th) 

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