New Music: Hyph11e, anxt, Linbo_3

Hyph11e – Aperture

Jarringly claustrophobic at times, deeply tonic at others – Shanghai producer Hyph11e returns with her latest release with SVBKVLT. Jurassic shrieks amidst shimmering sci-fi drones, tribal chants, and breakbeats that seemingly disintegrate upon impact – it’s a tightly wound club floor fever dream that’s as bombastic as it is fluid in its carnivalesque sound design. Truly for the most adventurous club-goers out there it’s an album that takes delectable pleasure in the cavernous alchemy of hardcore dance music in all its delirious and sensational glory.

anxt – The Sins Of The Father

Beijing-based, Cape Town-bred electronic producer ANXT (also known for his role in instrumental rock outfit Macondo) fuses an array of musical elements to craft atmospheric IDM-laced soundscapes on his latest EP The Sins of The Father. Taking cues from a gallery of like-minded artists – traces of everyone from French 77 to Jon Hopkins can be heard – the thing that sticks out most about Anxt’s deft touch is his ability to create these lived-in multi-layered worlds amongst ‘backdrops of urban field recordings and hip-hop beats’ – cinematic in scope yet with its feet firmly planted on the ground. Tightly assembled, and full of unexpected resonance, it’s a welcome change of pace from some of the more hyper-active electronic musicians out there. The release features remixes of fellow Beijing acts Solent and Paths.

Linbo_3 – Beloved Hustle

A tar black descent into rave music, Shanghai-based producer ’s release with newly formed electronic label VOLT Records is pure wicked fun. A deathcore singer in his past life, Linbo_3 takes the framework of hardcore and metal music and pushes it deep into hard techno territory, infusing his bass-heavy club sound with industrial and metalcore elements that intend to pummel you into submission. Centered around the theme of the collision of human nature and technological development, particularly that of AI technology, it’s a hi-fi hard-edged club banger that grips you and doesn’t let go. Deathly good stuff.

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