Gig Recap: Mirrors, Lur:(2021.06.04)

Mirrors 解离的真实, Lur:录耳 – MAO Livehouse 2021.06.04

Shanghai trio Mirrors are back! There was a short while in 2021 where I thought Mirrors were done for. Which would be a fucking shame as there’s really no one out there like them – a feverish cultish psychedelic band that’s equal parts unhinged and studied. They’re a band I feel just missed the wave in terms of exposure last year and are scrapping their way back to the top – which is utter nonsense as they can run circles around most bands out there operating today. Whatever the case, it was a joy to be thrown once again into the hotpot of Mirror’s delirious primal rock and roll, and will continue to sing their praises. 

Meanwhile, my second outing with Xi’an’s Lur: in just two weeks. The rising post punk duo slick, cold as ice post punk grooves and immersive synths is all kinds of atmospheric – a stone-cold cross between Sisters of Mercy and New Order that would do wonders in a club. Seriously, ALL, ELEVATOR, 44KW, or Potent — let’s make it happen.  

One more thought – I have mixed feelings about Mao’s ‘all-you-can-drink’ ticketing angle. There are lineups and certain themed nights where I see this being a good idea – particularly if your show is guaranteed to be packed with young adolescents in their young 20s. But post punk doesn’t quite fit the bill. I will say this though – that highball machine is the devil. We shall meet again. 

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