New Music: A Week of Music, E-Motional, Punch Drunk

Various Artists – A Week of Music 一周音乐

Curated by Sheng Jie (aka gogoj) and Ding Xin, with support from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, A Week of Music is a series of cassette releases by seven experimental musicians centered on the days of the week and the dual identity of worker and artist. A murder’s row of the experimental scene – including Torturing Nurse (Junjun Cao), Mai Mai Mai, Mei Zhiyong, Shenggy Shen, VAVABOND (Wei Wei), Ruò Tán, and Zhu Songjie, it’s a beautifully realized concept, that each artist fully engages with, touching on themes of work, routine, and time, whilst presenting a full spectrum of sounds, styles, and temperaments. A most have for experimental music enthusiasts.

Various Artists – E-Motional 电子情绪

E-Motional is the first compilation released by E-Werk, Taihe’s dance sublabel, whose ear is more in-tuned with both the pop side of hip-hop and dance music as well as its more ethereal elements – touching on everything from champagne-coloured future pop to sultry world music laced trip-hop. Aiming to capture the fleeting yet subtle emotions experienced in their daily lives, it’s a diverse offering from nine distinctive acts, including cuts from Shanghai’s YEHAIYAHAN, Beijing’s MICO, London-based singer Fifi Rong, and more – it’s clear that E-Werk is keeping up with China’s ever-evolving tastes.

Various Artists – Punch Drunk: Out of Fashion Boys Vol . 2

Referring to ‘the dizziness when fighters get rocked (or) the numbness after five (or) six Vodka shots’, Beijing-based electronic label Out of Fashion Boys, returns with their second compilation – a reeling intoxicating onslaught of tracks tailor-made to get those limbs moving and those earworms wiggling. Headed by Beijing club curators Luxixi and TsingLung, the release features a decathlon of high-wire producers, including Shanghai-based sound shifter Laughing Ears, Chengdu’s own Cvalda, as well as Hong Kong producers Alexmalism, ASJ and Kelvin T offering up their flavour of dance floor mayhem, London-based Daniel Ness, Athens-based NatCase. On the more propulsive, trance-inducing end of the electronic spectrum.己欢快的曲调跳动和哼唱。真是一种享受!

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