Mixtape No. 305

Shushu – Something You Don’t Need to Know (prod. Swimful) (Shanghai/Genome 6.66Mbp)

Eddie Beatz x 周士爵  – 珍重 (feat. 喜辰晨Voision Xi) (Beijing/Self-Released)

DOLLARZOO 陶乐然 – 1001 Sweet Nights 一千零一夜 (Shanghai/明堂唱片)

MICO刘为(JungleMico Project) – 合 Harmony (Beijing/E-Werk)

Diva Li洛伊 – Reset Your Mind (Beijing/Ran Music)

HUAN HUAN – Atomic Glitter Dust (Shanghai/VOLT)

Hielektromen 海淀人 – Song 4 You (Beijing/Ran Music)

Space Memorex – Star (Beijing/Self-Released)

Angry5JaR – Floating Palace (Qingdao/Self-Released)

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