Gig Recap: Kṣitigarbha, Khunathi, Aming (2020.06.27)

FINDER 1周年: Kṣitigarbha 地藏, Khunathi 丘瑙底河, Aming 阿鸣 @ ALL Club  2020.06.27

Headed to ALL a few weeks back for FINDER’s One Year Anniversary. Essentially a collective of artists, bands, etc. who put on some pretty rad shows, while they may be new to me, it’s clear they’ve been kicking all sorts of ass over the past year looking at the turnout. For the occasion they converted ALL Club into a live house and art space simultaneously complete with performance pieces, installations, and live music. And while I didn’t get to stick around for the whole thing, I was glad to check with some of the psychedelic sounds brought forth from its acts and bands, including a solo set from Mirrors’ frontman Aming, a heavy (both in mood and improv) and humid set from Khunathi 丘瑙底河 (my second time catching them) and best of all, Kṣitigarbha 地藏 – a new outfit that defies all categorization. 

Serious chops of these cats as they blended prog, psychedelic, and neo folk into something quite special. Most importantly, they looked like they were having a hell of a good time. Can’t wait to catch them again (and get some proper photographs). 

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