New Music: UchoKika, Hardcore Raver in Tears, Accidental Collision, OOPS!

UchoKika 宇宙企划 – UchoKika 宇宙企划

Uchokika, known also as The Cosmic Project, brings world music and the dance floor together on their wildly hypnotic self-titled debut. Headed by two of Beijing’s hardest working musicians, Boxuan (of Nova Heart) on sitar and Yinlu (of Queen Sea Big Shark/Casino Demon) on synths and drum machines, it’s a transporting experience, one that would absolutely kill in both clubs and live houses, or better yet, a psytrance or drum & bass festival deep in the mountains. 

宇宙企划乐队,也被称为宇宙计划,在其首张极具迷幻色彩的同名专辑中,将世界音乐与电子舞曲融合在一起。乐队由两位北京及其用功的音乐人组成,分别是:博譞(Nova Heart乐队成员)西塔琴音乐的创作者和因路(后海大鲨鱼乐队和赌鬼乐队成员)擅长合成器和鼓机的音乐人,这是一种令人神往的体验,无论是在俱乐部还是在摇滚酒吧,都绝对可以让乐迷激动到窒息,如果能在山林深处举办一场psytrance或drum & bass音乐节,那就更好了。

Hardcore Raver in Tears 白纸扇 – WUHAN2020

New wave disco-punk outfit Hardcore Raver in Tears (led by Lu Yan of AV Okubo fame) finds tender salvation on WUHAN2020, a musical representation of the band’s mindset during the pandemic which found its members finding light in the darkness. The music follows suit too, trading in the band’s deadpan synthetic kicks for something more ethereal – as synths wash both lyrical loopholes and soft-spoken melodies that reveal a side to Lu Yan I’d never thought I’d hear. By pulling back and looking inwards, Lu Yan and company have struck a new nerve to stick the needle in.


OOPS! – A Begin

Formerly Angry Navel, Chengdu’s Oops! joins the ranks of other female-driven electronica projects surfacing in the humid city of Chengdu (ala The Hormones, Fake Gentle). A tropical mix of techno, synth wave, trip-hop and bubbly 90s R&B, there’s something alluring and propulsive about the way the trio transition from one groove to another, keeping the mood sultry and colorful, and not without its off-kilter twists here and there. 

成都的Oops!,其前身为Angry Navel乐队,她们为潮湿性感的成都带来了展示出女性魅力的电子音乐现场。一种融合了科技电子、合成声浪、神游舞曲和90年代充满活力的节奏布鲁斯的热力风格,这些风格节奏的转换营造了诱人的意境,撩人的气氛,以及不经意间独特的妖娆气质。

Accidental Collision 意外冲突 – Mia San Mia 我们就是我们

Representing the hotpot of punks in Chongqing, Accidental Collision is punk rock at its purest. No pretensions, no gimmicks – just one cathartic fist-pumping anthem after another that keeps the pace lively and spirits high. Impetuousness in its directness perhaps, but therein lies its charm – wearing its spiked leather (jacket) heart on its sleeve whilst letting the genre bleed into their core. Punk rock for the soul. 


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