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Gig Recap: EATING MUSIC LIVE (2020.07.11)

EATING LIVE 宜听音乐在现场: Zuho, Voision Xi 喜辰晨 & Specials,  模拟磁带俱乐部 @Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2020.07.12 Long-standing vinyl house, space, and cultural hub Daily Vinyl, along with the help of local label Eating Music, who dabble in infectious beat-filled electronic wonders that […]


Mixtape No. 255

TRACKLIST EASYEAST – 阳外雨声  Lao Dan 老丹 – There is no color world 无彩世界 Wang Meng 王萌+ Yu Miao 于淼 – Qianqian Chui Wan (33EMYBW remix) – 缱绻温柔 String & Wind 弦风二重奏 – 人機戰(0101101011) Dolphy […]