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Give in to punk – that’s my advice this weekend. While there are shows a plenty this weekend, nothing quite stacks up to what School has laid out for this weekend – the Punk It Spring Festival – so grab your boots, and rage on springtime warriors – check the calendar for more details.

Friday April 11th

‘The Voice of Spring’ ain’t too bad a representation for this motely crew of indie rockers performing at Yugong Yishan, sweet and sour, laying down their arms this evening for some fun – the lineup is stacked with youthful energy – from the rave-rcoking U2-esque Residence A, to the Beatle-mania rock and roll of Mr. Graceless, to new wave rockers Steely Heart and Bye Bye Noise, even down to punk legends The Molds, who, though not as youthful on the outside, have plenty to offer The first slew of punks to descend upon School this weekend – D-Crash, LxTxNxSx, The Flyx, Bedstars, Pumpkins out of Xinxiang, and the legendary Demerit kick things off. It’s a hardcore fest at Mao Livehouse as just every local hardcore band under the sun, including Unregenerate Blood, Return the Truth, The Last Resort, and xitneverhappenedx, take stage alongside Dutch group All For Nothing. Keep it old school at Temple as Era Rebels join Iron Maiden tribute band The Iron Virgins and hardcore emo outfit Seven Light Years. Meanwhile, over at the Hot Cat Club Li Yan joins Own Up! For some fun, pop folksters Panda Eyes and Canned Watermelon hit up Blue Stream Bar, and rockers C60 swing through the Old What? Bar. And for you Beatle fanatics, catch the Beijing Beatles over at Jianghu Bar.

Saturday April 12th

It’s time for Dos Kolegas to retain its rightful spot as the place to be this summer. Seriously, I can’t tell you how much I miss the joint – the grassy lawn, the Hardin beer, the isolated setting – it’s all worth that trip out to Liangmaqiao people. And better yet, we have visitors from Shanghai in the form of cross-dressing, wide-eyed party rock outfit Friend or Foe, playing their last Beijing show ever. So shed a tear (and a shot of whiskey) with the boys as they get rowdy along with Residence A, The Diders, and Bedstars. Damn, that’s a solid, likely inebriated lineup. Meanwhile a horde of punks, local and from out of town swarm School including Tianjin The Hangover, Three Kings out of Taiyuan, Discord, Hell City, RecycleThe Bricks out Hangzhou, Xianese Sucker, and the father figures themselves Misandao. Over at XP synth punk outfit The Big Wave perform alongside Steely Heart and Britpop outfit Elenore. Meanwhile up the street at Temple, mad Frenchmen Djang San performs with his folk band. Emo, old school rock, and Christian rock join forces at Mao Livehouse as Tookoo, MultiEgo, Velvet Highway, Magic Mama, and Next Group take stage. Singer-songwriter Tian Tian returns to the mic after ten years with a fresh band and new songs – he’s joined by Bian Yuan of Joyside for a night indie crooning at Yugong Yishan. Power trip hop outfit WHAI get intimate at Blue Stream Bar while The Groove Collective provide ample grooves at Jianghu Bar. Finally, get your folk on with Zhong Yifan and Guonian at Mako Livehouse.

Sunday April 13th

The In Beijing Gang presents this hefty dose of heavy metal at Mao Livehouse to sweat out the weekend filth. Digging the crop of last years’ rookies as well as some new faces – Nuclear Fusion G kicked my ass last year with their industrial electronic-heavy metal, whereas Nower brought some serious dynamo vocals to the genre when I caught them – lots of potential in the rest of the lineup including piano-accompanied Dengel, tattooed-up Black Lake, as well as Renegade and Teifra. Night Three at School brings the best of the bunch, including Joking Tasty, The Reason, Rolling Bowling, Gum Bleed, The Diders, Larry’s Pizza, Ouch, and Dr. Liu & The Human Centipede – way to go out with a bang you punks. Finally, catch world chanson musicans Drabo at Jianghu Bar and pop songstress Tina Yu & Free Energy at Blue Stream Bar.

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