MV Monday: Noise Arcade, AV Okubo, Dissident


Alright, feast your eyes are those musical appetizers, as we got a big week ahead of us – festival lineup reveals, LBM’s first sponsored showcase, and a trip to Shanghai which’ll hopefully not end like my previous Saturday night with those freaks of nature. Take a look at AV Okubo throwing down some tracks, another headtrip from electronic artist Noise Arcade, and a cute tour preview for Shenyang metal outfit Dissident. Have a look.

Electronic renegades Noise Arcade and thruoutin have decided to jump onto the cassette bandwagon with their latest spilt peak of the moon due out very soon. To spread the excitement film maker Jeff Yiu and Michael Cupoli got together to create this face-melting showcase of skateboarding hijinks for the album’s title track. Seriously, I had to refresh the page a few times thinking I’m computer screen was spontaoesutly combusting. Neat trick.


After much wait AV Okubo have wrapped up their second full length album, Dynasty, primed for release this Friday at Yugong Yishan. Preview it here (I’m still feeling it out). And enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ clip showing the band and producer Andy Gill, of Gang of Four fame, getting down to business in the studio. Love seeing the process and all the pieces coming together, particularly how little of a presence Lu Di’s voice is here compared to on stage. And of course dig the haggard ‘we’ve been at this shit for way too long’  faces amuck the studio.

Last, we got a short promo video for Shenyang metal outfit Dissident, who are bringing their old school sound to Mao Livehouse this Wednesday as part of their nationwide tour to promote their debut album Desperate Struggle, which came out earlier this year. Nothing groundbreaking (epic focus fail in the beginning there) but what I find most appealing to getting a glimpse at the live houses up in the northeast – where the hell is that? Looks awesome!


Yeah yeah, slim picking this week.

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