Weekend Update (16.10-18.10)


Enjoy autumn’s last rush with this jam packed weekend full of, you guessed it, music, gigs, and mayhem of the highest order. Did I mention it is International Cassette Store Day tomorrow? Well, plenty of other pools to dip your toes into. Here’s your weekend lineup:

Friday October 16th

New Noise is bringing contemporary Russian electronic jazz heavyweights Long Arm to Yugong Yishan to get the party started – they’ll be supported by Extremist Religious Group, a new electronic noise project from Dalian. MOMA Mountain Space invites Nik Bärtschs Ronin – a top notch ‘groove collective’ from Zurich which has been won accolades from just about everyone. Meanwhile, folk rock favorites Low Wormwood, out of Lanzhou, swing through Modernsky Lab as a part of their China tour – expect lush tunes and batshit crazy fans. Temple gets its post rock fever on by inviting local post rock shifters Glow Curve alongside up and comers Macondo. School continues with the ‘Keep Calm and Fly On’ series with a solid lineup that includes Never Before, The 16th Floor, SNSOS, and The Eat. Hair salon/art gallery Aotu Studio hosts Taiwanese classical and free improvisational pianist ShihYang LEE for a solo performance, joined by solo piano sets by local musicians Zhang Shouwang and Yan Yulong. Culture yourself with a performance from Matéria Estelar (Star Stuff) at DDC as she invites the audience to join a fairytale journey, with songs that capture Brazilian rhythms such as frevo, samba and choro, as well as foreign ones like jazz, foxtrot and tango.

Saturday October 17th

Today’s all about Beijing Cassette Day and the Nasty Wizard Recordings have put together quite the lineup for the day and evening. Starting at 4pm, head over to fRUITYSHOP where four artists perform in the cozy record store including Dan Taylor, Noise Arcade, Extremist Religious Group out of Dalian, and Bit Tuner from Switzerland. Afterward, head over to DDC for a tape cassette DJ party with BBQ and tunes provided by DJ GUIGZ. Finally, kicking off at 8pm, the real ruckus begins as some of this year’s hottest new talent including The Eat, Lonely Leary, Fake Weed, and Juju perform. Good times, folks, good times. If cassettes are too much to handle then you can always catch saxophonist, composer and producer Dave Binney, one of the most innovative composers and musicians in jazz today, at Yugong Yishan. Over at Mao Livehouse get your indie pop fix with Casino Demon, Finger Family, Residence A, and Larry’s Pizza. Taiwanese classical and free improvisational pianist ShihYang LEE gives another performance at Aotu Studio, playing in a duet with saxophonist Li Tieqiao, supplemented by another piano + sax duet from Li Song and Li Bingyu.

Sunday October 18th

Don\’t go home this Sunday without downing a full head of beer and some rock n roll as School gets loose and goosey with Shochu Legion, Last Resort, 0190, and TOSS. Grunge indie rock outfit Baxian Chophouse give a free late afternoon showcase at 69 Café while over at DDC, Liziming & Friends throw a hip hop party. Finally, catch hard rock veterans Relativity at Mao Livehouse.

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