NWR Press Release: China Shoegaze Compilation

Nasty Wizard Recordings are back with our second compilation – The China Shoegaze Compilation – which showcases some serious talent making noise across the Big Red. For the better half of the year, we\’ve scoured the land (and countless douban pages) for some of the most ethereal shoe gaze dreamers out there. In the end, we settled on four very promising bands – The White Tulips out of Xiamen, City Flanker out of Shaoxing, Forsaken Autumn out Shanghai, and The Sound & The Fury out of Chengdu. Each gives their distinctive spin on the shoegaze template – waves of distortion, reverb soaked vocals, walls of sound, jangly guitars and cascades of feedback – to create a intoxicating dream day of an cassette tape, which wouldn\’t you know it, will be available in limited format this Saturday, October 17th for International Cassette Store Day, at fRUITYSHOP and DDC.

Shoegaze and nostalgia go hand in hand. It’s yearning, wistful, and bittersweet – traits we often attribute to a time when we were young at heart. When a fleeting moment, a glance, or even a ray of sun bouncing off the dashboard of your car could take on otherworldly meaning. Reality becomes distorted as time and space bleed into one another.

China, a country whose rapid development has left a generation of young adults in a daze, ain’t no stranger to nostalgia. Whether from the southern shoreline city of Xiamen, the booming Western hub that is Chengdu, the metropolis wonder that is Shanghai, or the historical hotbed of Shaoxing, shoegaze is alive and well, enveloping listeners in a wall of sound.

Nasty Wizard Recordings, based in Beijing, is presenting the nastiest China Shoegaze Compilation ever put to tape. On the China Shoegaze Compilation, we’ve gathered some of the scene’s most enthralling acts, including The White Tulips, City Flanker, The Sound & The Fury, and Forsaken Autumn. So lean back, let the waves of distortion wash over, the vocals and melodies melt into the background, and dream the day away.

released October 15, 2015

City Flanker (Shaoxing)

Forsaken Autumn (Shanghai)

The White Tulips (Xiamen)

The Sound & The Fury (Chengdu)
Members: 樊帅 KY
Thanks: 所有参与过乐队的乐手和支持我们的朋友 帮助我们完成这张磁带的William Griffith

Artwork by Weili


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