Weekend Update (15.08.2014-17.08.2014)


Not the most jam packed weekend, but have the feeling that the summer season is finally starting to pick up – and this weekend is breaking the ice. Psychedelic freakiness, short film screenings, rockin pop em showcases, and afternoon gatherings. Plan your weekend accordingly folks – and as always jump over to the calendar for more.

Friday August 15th

I’m a film nerd at heart. This music nonsense – just an excuse to indulge myself in becoming a filmmaker. So when I have any opportunity to check out what other Beijingers are cooking up on the film front, I’m all ears. And when said production involves music from some of my favorite local artists, well, then you’ve my undivided attention. That’s why you’ll find me at The Other Place’s screening of Maya Rudolph’s new short filmHoroscope– which will be followed by a a performance from lead actress Little Punk and Charm. Three bands with definite swag – though each of a different ilk – join forces at School – tight jeans sporting, high kick screaming, glam rock trio Rustic. Trashed new wave electronic punk from Steely Heart. And mohawk-wearing, fist pumping punk favorites Demerit, who rarely leave the comfort of their Tangzhou hood. All the makings for a sweaty heap of aggression, companionship, and head bopping (and ladies you get in for free).  Over at Temple, punk mainstays Gum Bleed give it their all. Globe-trotting lo-fi electronic noise duo Hot & Cold spilt up duties tonight at XP as Parallel Pyres and Simon Frank – they’ll be joined by new experimental noise group Spy Rat 51. Fast forward a decade with the \’North Dirft\’ gang at Mao Livehouse with performances from The K, CMCB, Recycle and Silver Dust. Finally, catch neoclassical Italian group Ashram school just about all of Beijing as they perform at Yugong Yishan.

Saturday August 16th

The Psychoney Crew returns with a killer show of sizzling psychedelic rock and roll at XP. Well, not exactly – but heck, this is packed with talent. First up, you have noise rock trio, Birdstriking, who just returned from a UK tour with none other than Brain Jonestown Massacre – seriously, these cats are magnetic force on stage – a blistering blast of noise rock that can barely contain itself. Next up – psychedelic rock quartet Chui Wan – they simply have won me over this year as the band expands their sound even further. Gate to Otherside and The Eat are the new teams on the rooster but given what their douban pages have to offer, I’d expect those two to be receiving quite a bit of attention soon enough. Yeah, hard to beat a lineup like this. Get loud over at Yugong Yishan with some of Beijing’s more ferocious bands who don’t hold anything back – Mega Soul, formed by Wang Zhengwei and bassist Wang Le (one of the founding members of Yaksha), pack a heavy sound – manic but not without its subtle moments of maturity – They’re joined by CMCB, whose P.O.D-style rapcore garners enough hometown appeal that they don’t come off as a gimmick. Also on the bill, Sick Pupa and Feng Tian, two names that have been climbing metal bills for some time now. Expect this one to have the walls shaking. Over at Zajia Lab, Taiwan-based art magazine White Fungus launches their new experimental music publication with, The Subconscious Restaurant, with a tour of Asia – the event will feature sound performances by Wang Fujui (Taipei), Noise Steve (Taichung), and a dance performance by Zarah KilleenChance (Auckland) as well as performances by local artists Yan Jun and Spy Ray 51. Read up on Josh Feola’s interview here. Britpop and then some over at Mako Livehouse as radio station showcases an afternoon/evening of bands looking to make their mark including Windsor Forest, SNSOS, Distrub the Rabio, The Truth, and more. Over at School, rock and roll breathes strong as Tookoo, Paper Memory, Mr. Honey, and Longfusi. Rap outfit Jiao Jin showcases their latest material at Mao Livehouse, while folk songstress Zhong Qianqian serenades audiences at 69 Café.

Sunday August 17th

Looking for the perfect excuse to chillax on a Sunday afternoon? 69 Café, the adorably lil café unadorably located on clusterfuck central –Nanluoguxiang – has got you covered. The venue will host young-faced Britpop rocking outfit Secret Club for a special performance set up by none other than promoters D.O.G. (who, if you recall just celebrated two years of killin it). Folk goes retro at Mako Livehouse as Hao Meimei and Wang Xiao bring out the folk hipness of the late 60s. Finally catch Joe & CC at Mao Livehouse and Sunny Song at School.

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