MV Monday: CNHC, Gabba Gabba Hey, Guiguisuisui, Modern Sky


A late start this Monday – the price you pay for trying to watch as many Robin Williams movies into one day. Bad call there. Anywho, let’s get this Monday cracking with the latest music videos to entice, intrigue, and waste away the remaining hours of the day with – including vids from the China Hardcore (CNHC) crew, electronic artist Gabba Gabba Hey, Modern Sky with the latest on their upcoming festival, and a happy record birthday for Guiguisuisui!!!

Did that get your blood boiling? If so, then you are covered my deario this Saturday as the 3rd China Hardcore Music Festival takes place this Saturday, August 23rd at Mako Livehouse. This pretty much sums up the atmosphere for previous incarnations (the video was taken at last year’s event) so yeah – lots of moshing, tilted hats, elbows flying, and sweat – lots of it. Props to China United Action crew for the vid. More on that show later.

Even though Guiguisuisui is still reeking havoc across China at the moment (dude lives for the road) he had time to release this little celebratory video commemorating the release of his newest 7’’ vinyl, The Court of King Necro, out now on Genjing Records. And yes, it does look pretty gnarly – limited to 500 copies, the vinyl features hand silk screened/assembled cover art by infamous British punk rock designer The Craw as well as a hand made badge and individually pressed buttons thrown in for good measure. Basically, a Guiguisuisui starter kit to join the madman in his quest for umm, madness. Only thing it’s missing are capes to wear out the shows. Speaking of which – here’s the Guiguisuisui summer tour schedule, which ends at XP on September 20th.

Stumbled upon this Tangshan-based artist a few weeks back – Gabba Gabba Hey – indietronica I suppose is the word they’re throwing away nowadays. But I dig – to tease his debut the artist put out this short little video for the album’s closing song – aptly named ‘outro’. Yeah yeah, nothing but street-level bicycle shots (not to mention shaking and grainy) but worthy nevertheless. Almost looks like it could be Beijing. Check out Gabba Gaba Hey’s debut here.

And finally, a mere two weeks before the show, Modern Sky announces (confirms) their next Beijing-based Modern Sky Festival – to be held from August 29th-31st at Changyang District, a deep dip into the south (the subway stop is on Fangshan Line). The festival will feature such vaguely known international bands like Finnish hard rockers HIM, California avant-grade outfit Xiu Xiu, New York dance punk Liars, The Mystery Lights, Pharmakon, Those Darlins, and Jim Kroft among Modern Sky’s usual round up of local talent. To help ease the pain of figuring out how the hell to get they released this nifty video explaining the various ways to reach the festival grounds. Thanks guys! Now how about a friggin lineup already!

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