Weekend Update 08.04-10.04


It’s time to reap the benefits of Beijing’s annual two weeks of spring – before it all turns to a hot tin roof. You know who has a rooftop – School Bar, DDC – that’s who. But it’s Beijing, half of time at gigs you’re booging about outside anyway – so relish in some sweet jams, find some fresh earworms, and get out there this weekend!

Friday April 8th


Hiperson, Stolen, Lone, Island Mood at Mao Livehouse

Local promotion group Xin Sheng Lang celebrates one year with some stellar showcases not only across Beijing, but the rest of China as well. Mao Livehouse gets treated with two of Chengdu’s hottest commodities, post punk outfit Hiperson and electron dark wave group Stolen, who’ll be joined by Beijing’s own Lone and Xi’an’s Island Mood. 100/150 RMB


Wang Shengnan, The Forbidden Zone, Dee Sheng at Old What? Bar

One of Beijing’s most unpredictable performers, a one man soundshifter if you will – Dee Sheng joins new noise duo The Forbidden Zone and indie pop singer songwriter Wang Shengnan for some shenanigans at the Old What? Bar. 30 RMB


Drunkard, Smells Like U, Filth Revenge, CA, The Jungle Fever, TOSS, Fangu, Yuhaiwei, Wacky Tobacco at Yugong Yishan

Pay tribute to one of West’s most prominent musical ambassadors – Kurt Cobain – with an evening full of, you guessed it, grunge kicks and pent up rage with a who’s who of the grunge scene including veterans Drunkard. 100 RMB


Bonsai Boulevard (USA) at DDC

LA alt rock group Bonsai Boulevard hits up Beijing for some good ol fashion fun with their cello-infused tunes aimed to charm. 80/100 RMB

Endless Square, Macondo at Hot Cat Club

Fangjia staple Hot Cat Club gets down and dirty this evening of two of the scene’s up and comers. FREE


Ember Swift at School

Beijing based singer-songwriter Ember Swift bring her infectious blend of folk, jazz, funk, and reggae to School Bar. 50 RMB


WHAI at Temple

Electro rock heavyweights WHAI head back to homebase for some trance-inducing power rock that’ll have Temple’s clientele fist pumping in no time. FREE


Mr. Miss at Snail Club

Adorably cute indie pop duo bring their charming acoustic driven, ukulele-infused brand of pop to the cozy Snail Club. 50 RMB


Beijing JAM at Jianghu Bar

Class A performers Ma Xiaofei, Aiys Song, and Hu Chen join forces at Jianghu Bar for some epic classically trained jamming. 100 RMB


Rosewood Bullet at 69 Café

Hard rock outfit Rosewood Bullet, which was born from the ashes of scene favorites Jacky Danny tighten up their jeans and hit 69 Café for some old fashion rock and roll. 60 RMB


The Nightcrawlers at Caravan

Real pure Chicago blues coming at you in the Moroccan eatery and venue Caravan. 50 RMB

Saturday April 9th


Dreamki, Laisee, Streets Kill Strange Animals, Baxian Chophouse at School

Local blog Live Beijing Music gets down and dirty at Beijing’s rock and roll HQ, School Bar, for a righteous evening of underground rock featuring some of the scene’s fiercest contenders including guests of honor Hebei indie rock outfit Dreamki, out of Handan, whose brand of electro rock anthems and indie charm will have you bopping your head. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got hardened post punk veterans Streets Kill Strange Animals, hardcore punk outfit Laisee, and female fronted indie grunge group Baxian Chophouse – four bands ready to unleash upon School Bar and leave your ears ringing in glee. 60 RMB


Mega Soul, Army of Jade Kirin, Drunkard at Yugong Yishan

Death metal juggernauts Mega Soul join Gothic industrial metal faves A.J.K for a righteous evening of head banging. 100 RMB


re:plus, Ai Ninomiya, WaKaNa, DJ Chika at Modern Sky Lab

Pianist, trackmaster, and sound producer re:plus aka Hiroaki Watanabe, out of Tokyo, lands into Modern Sky Lab for some jazz hip hop alongside jazz pop singer Ai Ninomiya and more. 220 RMB


Helm (UK), M Dwinell (USA), Menghan, Charm + Ding Chencehn at fRUITYSPACE

pangbianr is back in the game. The underground music platform returns with an offline booking at afternoon basement hotspot fRUITYSPACE featuring live sets of ambient electronics, experimental drone, exploratory sound art courtesy of London’s Helm (PAN) and New York’s M Dwinell (Forma/Bunker NYC) alongside local electronic and experimental meddlers Ding Chenchen, Menghan, Charm, and Oaktree Blossum. 30 RMB (4pm start)


Tarot Saint, Logic Control, Genecide, S.A.W, Dr. V.agent at Mao Livehouse

Rage it up in the second ring road as some of metal’s fieriest characters including Tarot Saint and Logic control, converge upon Mao Livehouse. 100 RMB


Masaaki Kishibe at Peking University Auditorium

Acoustic guitar hero and fingerpicking maestro, Masaaki Kishibe, brings his expertise to Peking University Auditorium. 100/150/200 RMB


The Hutong Yellow Weasels at Hot Cat Club

Traditional Americana rock and bluegrass goodness with a hefty amount of fiddle, banjo, and violin to keep your feet tapping. FREE


UBC w/ DJ Raddam Ras at Temple

Get ready for a night of pure reggae dancehall as the UBC (Ultimate Band Crew) and DJ Raddam Ras bring you yet another killer reggae party! FREE


Nicola Lancerotti w/ Skin Quartet at DDC

Breezy jazz favorites bulk up with doublebass composer Nicola Lancerotti. 60 RMB


Tulegur at Jianghu Bar

Tulegur, the veteran Mongolian folk rock duo whose grungy revisionist take on Mongolian music has won acclaim here and aboard, performs. 60 RMB


Zhang Qianqian at 69 Café

The folk songstress returns to the intimate stage of 69 Café for some evening tunes. 80 RMB

Sunday April 10th


Daniele Martini, Li Jianhong, Zhu Wenbo at fRUITYSPACE

Sax freakouts, guitar meltdowns, and experimental junkies getting their kicks – it’s all fair game this late afternoon at basement avant grade venue fRUITYSPACE. 40 RMB


Residence A, Summer Sunshine, The Hotline, Children’s Cinema, Time Capsule at Modern Sky Lab

Promoters Xin Sheng Lang continue their one year celebrations today with an all star lineup at Modern Sky Lab featuring inde gods Residence A, indie pop up and comers Children’s Cinema, electro rock faves The Hotline and more. 80 RMB


404, Wang Yini, Hard Candy Revolution, Real Deal at School

And if that wasn’t enough promoters Xin Sheng Lang will be throwing yet another celebration across town at School at 4pm with a bill featuring fresh talent 404, Wang Yini, Hard Candy Revolution, and Real Deal. 30 RMB


Kenichiro Nishihara at Yugong Yishan

Jazz hip hop legend hits up Beijing after a stellar 2015 which saw the release of his acclaimed Jazzy Folklore – big following this cat. 150 RMB


Larry’s Pizza, 0190, Collision Dreamer, Gentle Grape, 9596, FME at Mao Livehouse

Skateboard punk, emo rock, indie pop, and whatever the kids are listening to these days – it’s business as usual at Mao Livehouse with these youngsters. 80 RMB


Huhekug Vol. 2 at Jianghu Bar

Catch an improv set from recognized Mongolian musicians Ahiqia and Hugejiltu, whose work in bands like Hanggai and Ego Fall has not gone unnoticed. 60 RMB


Huang Jing at DDC

Indie pop duo presents their 2015 release Ocean, Star You at DDC tonight. 60 RMB

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