MV Weekly: Sparrow, Bian Yuan, Tengger Cavalry


Beijing-raised, New York-based Mongolian tunes with a heavy metal streak, lovestruck ballads from one of Beijing’s most beloved artists, and a post rock psychedelic journey – it’s the latest batch of music videos to get you ready for the weekend including new cuts from Tengger Cavalry, Bian Yuan, and Sparrow.

Beijing post rock outfit Sparrow give a Technicolor tour of their hefty sound on the MV for their single ‘The Star’ off of their hit 2015 EP, The Man Who Watches Scenery. Shot in Modern Sky’s new digs in Chaoyangmen, it makes great use of colors and shadows turning in into a beautiful collage of movement and layers– a simple concept which matches the band’s sincere yet larger than life sound. That sincerity is further emphasized the vidoe’s second half where you can see the process of the videos – from the artwork, to the lighting, and even to the makeup. Good stuff.

Ex-Joyside frontman Bian Yuan, who has traded in the drunken antics of the previous punk rock outfit for something much softer on the ears, continues to get in touch with his lyrical soft side with ‘Beyond Love’ which shows the artist decked out in black wondering around what I can assume is purgatory, and madly in love. A greater love that is. Large doses of schmaltz for sure, but there’s a late 80s charm to Bian Yuan that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Though based in New York now, pagan metal outfit Tengger Cavalry, who blend traditional Mongolian elements and heavy metal, continues going strong. The trope headed by Nature Ganganbaigal, who reassembled the band in America since moving there to continue his studies, has picked up quite a few accolades, including selling out Carnegie Hall (!!), and from the looks of their latest music videos for ‘Mountain Side’ and ‘Horses’, quite a few fans. Kudos to Nature to for making a name for himself in the States — check out the band’s just release EP Mountain Side here.

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