Weekend Update 这周末 10/28-10/31


The ghouls and hobgoblins of Beijing aren’t going anywhere – so if you can’t beat them why not join them. And what better excuse then Halloween, the mischievous holiday where people have free reign to dress like whatever offensive thing they dare please like and get away with it. And because the actual holiday isn’t until Monday – you can get away looking like an ass clown all weekend. Or if you’re like me – procrastinate and panic the day of. Though ass clown does have a certain ring to it…Happy Scaring!


Friday October 28th


Xiao He at Yue Space

Yue Space once pulls out another winner out of their hat – Xiao He, the famous genre-bending borderline-reclusive folk artist, whose performances are really one of a kind. The engaging banter between songs; the seamless blend of electronics and pedals over acoustics; the gravity of his voice; every batshit crazy and downright hilarious outburst – there\’s really no one quite like him and it\’s rare enough to catch him live. He\’ll be joined by his friends – expect the unexpected. 120 RMB


Michael Rother (Germany), Hualun, 工工工 at Yugong Yishan 

Renowned German musician & multi-instrumentalist, known for his influential work in Kraftwerk and NEU! And often cited as the ‘godfather of ambient’ performs (along with his backing band) at Yugong Yishan alongside Wuhan-imports Hualun (back in action!) and工工工. Expect music geeks out in droves for this one. 200 RMB


Scare the Children, Ready to Die, Face at Temple

Nothing better than a night of metal at the hub of all things sinister, Temple, as the masked nightmare conjurers Scare the Children join old school heavy metal outfit Ready to Die, as well as hard rockers Face for some ‘pedal to the metal’ rock and roll. FREE


Time Street, The Power Powder, Self Portrait, Pupil at DDC 

Ladies hold down the fort at DDC, as these female-led rockers take the stage including hard twang rock outfit The Power Powder, 8-bit emo band Time Street, indie poppers Self Portrait and more. 70 RMB


Charm, Ake, Zhao Cong + Li Song, Ding Chenchen + Zhu Wenbo + Daniel Beban at fRUITYSPACE

New Zealand experimental music and art platform Pyramid Club hosts their second evening of experimental gatherings with New Zealander Daniel Beban joining Zoomin’ Night runner Zhu Wenbo and Ding Chenchen, as well as a collaboration between Xi’an raised sound artist Li Song and Beijing’s own Zhao Cong. Basement noise art at its finest. 40 RMB



M.A.I, Tumour Boy, Dress Code, Own Up! at School

It’s a hardcore Halloween bash at School as bands with an affinity for punk’s faster, harder, and more abrasive cousin, hit the stage for some mayhem including the newly formed M.A.I (featuring members of Demerit), vets Own Up!, and more. 60 RMB  



thruoutin, DJ Guigz, DJ Fancy Hobo at No. 6 Jianguo Bar  

An intimate DJ evening of music as local electronic artist thruoutin kicks off his globetrotting winter tour at the chillax cat friendly No. 6 Jianghuo Bar – expect special DJ sets from thruoutin, DJ Guigz (the electronic moniker of Guiguisuisui), and DJ Fancy Hobo – your humble editor here. Tranquil vibes and friendly spins. FREE


Dream Prison at 13 Club

From the band’s press release: ‘Yunnan is not only rice noodles and elephants – there is HEAVY METAL!’ Sweet. Yunnan metal band Dream Prison celebrates the release of their new EP War and hit up Wudaokou rock hub 13 Club for some fun. 70 RMB


Haozi at Snail Club

A new take on Chinese folk music with singer/songwriter Haozi, whose music branches out across atmospheric post rock, meaningful folk and head nodding reggae. 80 RMB



Ji Peng, Xia Ji, Hideaki Tokunaga, Anthony Vanacore at Jianghu Bar

Jazz musicians pay tribute to legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. 60 RMB


Nick Parsons, Nathan Borofka at Mogu Space

Regular folk scenesters Nick and Nathan hit up 69 Café’s new Xizhimen digs. FREE


Soul Pollution, Felling Tree, Horse Feather at Hot Cat Club 

Awesome blues and rock covers to get you moving as well as good ol’ folk tunes courtesy of Soul Pollution, Felling Tree, and Horse Feather. FREE



Saturday October 29th


Bastards of Imperialism, Guiguisuisui, End of the World, Chudao de Lieren at Hot Cat Club

Hot Cat Club goes all in for Halloween as Dr. Smartass throws a fright night for the ages as four bands, including ska torch bearers End of the World, vengeful punk pranksters Bastards of Imperialism, chameleon future punk duo Guiguisuisui (dressed for Halloween since 2011) and Xingtai rockers Chudao de Lieren, give their interpretations of Halloween classics from the likes of the Misfits, Roky Erickson, John Carpenter, Danny Elfman (Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice!) , and more. Expect a groovy blood-soaked evening of costumed fun. FREE


Icey Deep Well, bREAKtHEdOLL, Solaris, Jia Honglong, Royal as Purple, The Peppercorns at Yue Space 

Things appropriately get weird at the new Beixinqiao venue as bands with a certain malicious streak perform including psychedelic noise makers Solaris and Icey Deep Well who’ll join beatboxing maestro Jia Honglong, electronic schizoid noise karaoke BreaktHEdoLL, and more before a promised ‘zombie outbreak’ that’ll lead across town to Dada. Digging the vibes. 66 RMB


Beijing Misfits, Free Sex Shop, Dress Code, T€chno.prison€r.d€ at Temple 

As per tradition, the morbid madmen that are the Beijing Misfits return, belting out all your favorite brain, fecal matter, gore related numbers, joined by killer punk chicks Free Sex Shop, hardcore ballers Dress Code, and fresh off the streets T€chno.prison€r.d€, who better live up to a name like that. FREE


Dawei, 4 Channels Club, Rhonda, Wang Wei x VV at DDC 

Chiptune, hip hop, math rock, and electro rock join forces at DDC – some very intriguing sounds on hand including rising MC star Dawei, Gameboy composer 4 Channel Club, and bad ass instrumental outfit Rhonda. For something a little different look no further. 60 RMB



Gum Bleed, The Sino Hearts, Laisee at School

Landmark Chinese punk outfit Gum Bleed, one of the best in their field, celebrate ten years of kicking ass with a lil gathering at none other than School. Expect heaps of sweat and fist pumping, as well as supporting acts from hardcore acrobatics Laisee, and pop punk outfit The Sino Hearts, who formed strangely enough in Vienna. 80 RMB


Suzi & the Paramecia at 69 Café 

It’s a folk rock hoedown at 69 Café as rising folk, funk, rock and roll singer-songwriter Suzi and his band the Paramecia take the small stage. 70 RMB


Szilvia Szidonia Pap (Hungary), Andrey Chernov at La Plantation

 From Carmen to other classic Hungarians cabaret songs, catch renowned soprano Szilvia Szidonia Pap and pianist Andrey Chernov perform at La Plantation concert hall, an ‘acoustic heaven’ located out on Line 15. 150 RMB


Sunday October 30th


Be Persecuted, Zuriaake, Choleraic, Eternal Power, Cusi at Tango 

Ground zero for all things metal, the 330 Metal Festival, gets its medieval on with a diverse metal lineup that showcases some of the genres heaviest contenders from out of town, including Jinan depressive black/pagan metal outfit Zuriaake (a band I’m dying to see), Nanchang black metal group Be Persecuted, trashers Choleraic, and more. For the diehard metal kids out there looking for some red meat. (7:30pm start) 200 RMB


Beijing Misfits, Hind Brain, Hang Nail, Dress Code at Hot Cat Club 

The Beijing Misfits continue their reign of destruction with a plot to take down the Hot Cat Club with a Sunday rager that’ll also feature speedy punkcore outfit Hind Brain, Dress Code, fresh from the return of a China tour, and Hang Nail. Bring black and white makeup and get in on the fun. FREE


Hadi, Wen Liang, Xu Chang at fRUITYSPACE 

Catch the screening of Awaken, an experimental film shot by Dalian filmmaker Ning Jiawei, about man’s relationship with the frozen sea, followed by an ambient performance from sound artist Hadi, Xu Chang, and Wen Liang, who also scored the film. 50 RMB


Shave N’ Shut, Sojo, The Demonstrators at Temple 

Punk stronghold of Sanlitun, 3ROCK are bringing the leather-clad ruffians to Temple for some ‘foot stomping, fist-pumping action’ as fierce punks ride through Temple to wreck havoc including Sojo, Shave N’ Shut, and The Demonstrators.



JaJaTao, Teetertotter, Brickleberry, EXBJ at School

Inject some rock and roll straight into your bloodstream with this electrifying lineup at School featuring grunge national rockers JaJaTao alongside indie poppers Tettertotter and more. 70 RMB


Time So Fast, Zing Way, 404, All Unknown, Wonder Sea, Plateau, FM.E, Asakawa Pharmacy, Mix Milk, Read at DDC

A ten-band lineup at DDC with free kehabs for attendees – DDC’s Sunday Halloween Bash looks all kinds of naughty. Sets from plenty of up and comers including Wonder Sea, Zing Way, and Mix Milk expect a rambunctious young crowd living it large. (5pm start) 70 RMB


The SxPLAY (Japan), FOUR-Y at Modernsky Lab

Japanese indie pop band The SxPLAY, fronted by Sugawara Yasuo, whose claim to fame is doing the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII (which is pretty pimp mind you) hit up Modern Sky with the equally bright and cheery Chinese pop rock band Four-Y. 100 RMB


Cui Longyang, Xixi at 69 Café

Folk singer-songwriters brings their stories and acoustic melodies to the cozy 69 Café. 60 RMB

Monday October 31st  


Never Say Die, Scare The Children, WHAI, Tumour Boy, Nous at Mao Livehouse


Halloween gets its official celebration this Monday at none other than Mao Livehouse with a heavy, steamy lineup featuring band not afraid of theatrics, including electro powerhouses WHAI, the delightfully demented Scare the Children, and more. 150 RMB


Magic Mama, Pisces at Blessing Livehouse

It wouldn’t a holiday without a pillow fight. Yup, the pillow fight team is back with another edition of plowing people in the face with feathered pillows whilst indie pop blares out of speakers. Expect this time you’ll be plowing some dude in a Sherlock Holmes get up, or some girl in a Harley Quinn outfit. So be it. 130 RMB


Finger Family, 4U, 95 Factory, Holy Day, The Mescaline, Arc Stone at National Stadium

Treat or tricking, haunted rides, candy bopping, and other Halloween activities at the Bird’s Nest as a slew of fresh faced bands, as well as seminal pop punk outfit Finger Family, perform for the holiday. 130 RMB

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