MV Weekly: Shanghai Restoration Project, Duck Fight Goose, Guiguisuisui


Chinese mysticism, a limbic sci-fi nightmare, and a look at the making of one of the year’s sexiest electronic albums of the year – it’s the latest music videos to feast your eyes upon featuring new work from Guiguisuisui, Duck Fight Goose, and the Shanghai Restoration Project.

Duck Fight Goose give their futuristic jazz rock the visual treatment in their MV for \’A Nation of Disillusion\’. An sensory overload – the sic-fi videos plays out like the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, except updated for our over sensitized, limbic worldview – think the Lawnmower Man. Ape-like grunts cross wired into a unruly AI – there really is no way to explain the third dimensional madness on display here other than to give props to Neng Huo, it\’s creator, a member of the Hangzhou media performance group RMBit.

Guiguisuisui, happily undead Beijing based zombie noise duo, have been on a tear this year. Besides releasing a new EP this summer (the first in a planned trilogy), the duo has been getting releasing all other sorts of goodies – including a slew of music videos. The MV for ‘Shadow Of The Moon’ puts the spotlight on the captivating illustrations of member (and Beijing based artist) Nan Guazi. The video offers glimpses into the EP’s concept of Taoism, Chinese mysticism, and (friggin) crystals, though really it just opens up the door to even more questions. Important thing is – these are some awesome illustrations here. For a better view of how it’s all done – I highly recommend checking out the MV for Zombie Land.

Dave Liang of The Shanghai Restoration Project, jazz vocalist Le Zhang, and multimedia artist Sun Yunfan talk to media platform Neocha, about Life Elsewhere, their new album that \’aims to shatter the negative connotations associated with good-byes in our modern era of interconnectivity\’. Latin-Infused jazz music with plenty of Chinese flavor – it\’s an upbeat, lively piece of electronica that brings back to life 1930s Shanghai. Though the group is now based in New York, they’ve been hanging around China the past couple weeks and will be performing at Yue Space this Friday, November 4th.

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