Upcoming: Last Goodbye, Summer Vapour, The Claptraps (DDC 2019.10.11)

Live Beijing Music is looking to keep the flames of rock and roll simmering this October weekend with an indie rock lineup that’ll have your earworms doing backflips with some old favorites as well as some new movers making a splash on the scene this year. Headlining the evening are glistening dream-pop groovers Last Goodbye. The band, fresh off their self-titled debut remains one of Beijing’s finest. They’ve been kicking around town for years, crafting beautifully realized tunes brimming with the existential dread and anxiety that looms with adolescence. There’s an encroaching rhythmic pulse to their sound filled with lush textures, elastic melodies, and colorful aplomb, all fine-tuned to have the utmost effect on listeners leaving them dazed. Joining them are Summer Vapour, the indie-pop outfit who burst onto the scene this year with some top-grade, refined bubbly city pop laced with dreamy ethereal and surf rock allure. Not one ounce of fat on these boys – genuine, pulpy indie-pop that never falls into gimmick and isn’t afraid to bring a little noise to the eardrums whilst delivering the goods. Rounding out the lineup are The Claptraps whose reverb-heavy, engulfing noise rock sound has been making its way across the town for over a year, leaving a trail of devilishly good vibes.

时间/Time: Friday, October 11th 9:00pm

20191011 21:00

门票/Ticket: 60 RMB (advance)/80 RMB (door)

60(预售票) 80(现场票)

地点/Venue: DDC

地址/ADD: 北京市东城区美术馆后街山老胡同14

Shanlao Hutong NO. 14, Dongcheng District


Last Goodbye

Summer Vapour

The Claptraps

Last Goodbye (Indie Rock/Dream Pop)

Last Goodbye是一支特别不着急的乐队,不着急表达也不着急展示,冷静与朴实是他们的代名词。而他们脑袋里似乎藏了块多彩星云,所有的情绪在这里碰撞爆炸。焦虑跟悲伤会就此告别吗?翻过去的篇章会再次相见吗?Last Goodbye 带着他们的眼光跟态度,正循环旋转坠入他们的未来。2015年成立于北京,穿梭在ShoegazeNeo-Psychedelic之间,用噪音制造感人的画面。

Though Last Goodbye’s beautifully realized debut brims with the existential dread and anxiety that looms with adolescence, the meticulous and thorough sound also belies the youth that has crafted it so expertly. Every last detail, from the shimmer of the guitars to the way lead singer Niu Niu’s burdened voice exhales against the luscious, rolling textures and elastic melodies, is fine-tuned to have the utmost effect on the listener, creating a world of glistening, reverb-heavy, psychedelic dream-pop made with colorful aplomb. A verdurous flower abloom with impenetrable sonic design. Not unlike how a missed opportunity or a nostalgic memory replays itself over and over again in our heads, the themes the band touch upon burn brightly through the haze of vigorous angst. As the line ‘I’m always running late’ booms again and again late in the album, stinging a bit more each time, you can practically hear the seams in the band’s reality start to crumble – the façade slowly peeling away. Disparaging and even discouraging to some, but to the rest of us, these are the emblems of being young at heart – the last grasp of our innocence. Our Last Goodbye. 

Summer Vapour (Dream pop/Surf Rock)

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Summer Vapour创建并生活在北京。在DreampopSurf RockShoegaze的基础上不断创新。他们的音乐中蕴藏着夏日海⻛吹过的清凉,以灵动的吉他节奏为基底,多彩的合成器氛围,梦幻般的噪⾳梦与旋律,⼈们在他们所营造的昼夜中⾃由沉沦。凭借乐队时尚艺术的活力以及对浪漫⼈⽣的表达,他们迅速成为备受瞩⽬的新生代乐队

Summer Vapour is an indie pop band formed in Beijing China. Building their style around dreampop, surf rock, shoegaze, their music has the sweet taste of a summer wind. The band consists four musicians, Yu Jingsheng on Bass, Licy on vocals and rhythm guitar, Zhu on lead guitar player and Gao on drums .With funky guitar-based rhythms and colorful synths, the audience is pulled into the ambient sounds and melodies. They’ve rapidly become a shining star amongst their scene through their romantic musical expression of life. 

The Claptraps (Noise-pop/Shoegaze)




Claptraps 是一支融合了噪音摇滚和脏脏钉鞋风格的独立乐队,粗粝的吉他破音与啸叫配以复古合成器,变成了从扬声器中射出的一颗颗糖衣炮弹,屡次掀开早已在你我脊柱中写好的答案,将所有的爱与困惑再次用音符撕裂。





Claptraps is an indie band that takes the foundation of rock and roll and rigs it with layers of distance and jagged spikes. The rugged guitar breaks and whistle of old school synthesizer, turn the speakers into a candy-coated shell spraying forth reverb-heavy, engulfing noise rock that’s heavy and devilishly good. 

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