Gig Recap: The Molds, Kaoru Abe No Future, Sleeping Dogs (2019.08.22)

Really digging the vibes at Frequent Collaborative – the new joint space between C5 Art Space and Fruityspace whose gigs feel intimate, inclusive, and off the beaten path enough. Besides the array of curious attentive concert goers, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the space’s constantly changing perimeters, as they ‘removed’ a wall to extend the space – which considering the cult of love that surrounds The Molds makes sense. The Beijing band whose “surf rock on methadone sound” took a breather earlier this year when their charismatic frontman Liu Ge moved to Australia, were back in town, and folks were indeed ecstatic. While their sound has always been a bit too monotone for me, there’s no denying the talent behind it and the mood they are able to conjure up. It’s an intoxicating sound that blankets over you and a wavelength that is wrangled with care and skill. Joining the band was Sleeping Dogs whose afro-beat Middle Eastern tinted grooves are always a pleasure to dive into, plus experimental supergroup Kaoru Abe No Future who seen to actively relish twisting normal musical conventions to smithereens, playing with expectations with both nonchalant improvisational allure and post-punk precision. All in all, a musically invigorating evening at one of Beijing’s newfound gems. 


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